Using EC2 Instance Utilization Reports to Optimize AWS Cloud Costs

Whenever you research ways to optimize AWS cloud costs, one of the most frequently-suggested options is to monitor EC2 instance utilization in order to ensure your instances are correctly provisioned. This is because although businesses deploy instances with an appropriate configuration at the time of deployment, the same feature-set may no longer be required if demand lessens.

Monitoring EC2 instance utilization in order to make accurate rightsizing decisions can be a time-consuming or costly affair. You either have to review weeks of CloudWatch data for each instance, or implement expensive cloud management software to do the reviewing for you. Fortunately there is now an alternative due to ParkMyCloud´s new EC2 instance utilization reports.

ParkMyCloud´s EC2 Instance Utilization Reports

ParkMyCloud is a lightweight SaaS app that businesses use to automate on/off times for non-production EC2 instances. Typically businesses save up to 65% of the cost of deploying non-production EC2 instances on AWS, and can use ParkMyCloud´s governance tools to monitor cloud account activity in order to increase accountability and maintain control of their AWS spend.

However, reducing costs and optimizing costs is not the same thing; and – as the authors of cloud cost optimization articles frequently suggest – in order to optimize your costs, it is essential to ensure you are not paying for resources you are not using. ParkMyCloud´s EC2 instance utilization reports can help you quickly find overprovisioned resources and even recommend an appropriate configuration for them.

How to Access our EC2 Instance Utilization Reports

Businesses already using ParkMyCloud to reduce AWS costs will be aware that, as part of the process, ParkMyCloud conducts a discovery of the business´s accounts and displays them across a single-view dashboard. Our app then makes recommendations about which EC2 instances are suitable for “parking” based on the names and tags assigned to them.

Provided the business also allows ParkMyCloud to access its CloudWatch data, customizable heatmaps providing information about how each EC2 instance is being used can now also be accessed from the single-view dashboard. Administrators can then use this information to make accurate decisions about reconfiguring each instance, or allow ParkMyCloud to make parking and rightsizing recommendations.

What Recommendations Does ParkMyCloud Make?

ParkMyCloud will make various recommendations depending on the type of instance and the information extracted from the reports. For example, if the peak utilization of a c4.2xlarge instance is less than 4GB, and the instance is using less than half of its memory capacity, ParkMyCloud will recommend it is rightsized to a c4.xlarge instance.

For EC2 instances that must always be on, and appear to be appropriately configured for their load, ParkMyCloud may recommend moving them from the On-Demand pricing plan to the Reserved Instances pricing plan; or, in the event that auto-scaling groups are using more instances than necessary, ParkMyCloud will recommend terminating the excess capacity.

A Quick and Easy Way to Optimize AWS Cloud Costs

If your business is already using ParkMyCloud to help reduce AWS costs, you may need to update your AWS policies in order to allow ParkMyCloud to access your CloudWatch data (this support article explains how). If your business is not yet using ParkMyCloud, we invite you to take a free trial of our instance scheduling software to see how quick and easy it is to optimize AWS cloud costs.

Our free trial consists of a fully-enabled version of ParkMyCloud for fourteen days. During the trial you will be able to apply an unlimited number of parking schedules to your EC2 and RDS instances, monitor activity across your cloud accounts, and have access to our EC2 instance utilization reports. Not only is the trial free, but whatever money you save during the trial is yours to keep.

To start your free trial today, click the “Try it Free” button at the top of this page. If you have any questions about ParkMyCloud or the EC2 instance utilization reports before starting your trial, do not hesitate to contact us. Our Customer Support team will be happy to answer your questions and guide you through the process of starting your free trial of ParkMyCloud.