Optimizing Cloud Costs with EC2 Right Sizing

If you have been deploying resources on AWS for a while, it might be time to consider EC2 right sizing. It is likely there will be a number of EC2 instances in your AWS account that you are paying for but not using to their full capacity. If this the case, you will not be alone. Businesses often deploy resources in the cloud with an appropriate configuration for the time of deployment; but, as demand lessens, the same feature-set is no longer required.

The failure to consider EC2 right sizing is one of the major contributory factors to “cloud waste” – paying for cloud resources you don´t use. Cloud waste is estimated to cost businesses up to $5.6 billion per year, and the problem is exacerbated by the way in which Amazon charges for cloud services – according to the level of service you provision, rather than the level of service you use. However, ParkMyCloud provides a solution to the problem with a simple way to locate your resources deployed in the cloud and identify which are suitable for EC2 right sizing.

EC2 Right Sizing with ParkMyCloud

The easy way to achieve EC2 right sizing is to sign into your AWS account via the ParkMyCloud web-based portal. Then create a permissions-limited IAM role or user credential for our app and allow it app to perform a discovery of your resources deployed on Amazon´s cloud platform. Discovered resources will be displayed on a single-view dashboard along with information such as their name, type and cost.

To the right of the figure indicating the cost of the resource, there is a graph icon which – if you click on it – will redirect you to an “Instance Utilization Report” (or “heatmap”) based on AWS Cloudwatch data. The heatmap illustrates the average and peak utilization of each resource and highlights the resources that have a more expensive feature-set than required.

ParkMyCloud will make recommendations for overprovisioned resources; but, not knowing what future plans you may have for the resources, you have the choice of accepting the EC2 right sizing recommendations, or using the data to reassign the highlighted resource to an entirely different configuration or pricing plan (i.e. from an On Demand pricing plan to a Reserved Instances pricing plan).

Right Sizing Auto-Scaling Groups with ParkMyCloud

As well as being able to right size EC2 instances with ParkMyCloud, it is also possible to right size auto-scaling groups. It was mentioned above businesses often deploy resources in the cloud with a configuration that is appropriate at the time of deployment, but that the need for a specific feature-set lessens over time. The same scenario applies to auto scaling groups.

ParkMyCloud will identify where components of auto-scaling groups can be redeployed and where auto-scaling parameters leave more systems up than are needed. For example, an auto-scaling group with a minimum size of three systems where – during off-hours – less than one system is needed to carry the load, and only two are needed for zero downtime could be right sized to two systems.

The example above would cut a third of the cost of deploying auto-scaling groups in the cloud using ParkMyCloud for EC2 right sizing, and there are many more examples of where cloud costs can be reduced by re-provisioning resources. Furthermore, once the EC2 right sizing process is complete, you can reduce cloud costs further by using ParkMyCloud to auto-schedule start/stop times for non-production EC2 instances.

Auto-Scheduling Start/Stop Times with ParkMyCloud

Leaving non-production instances running when you are not using them is a second major contributory factor to cloud waste, and another that can easily be addressed with ParkMyCloud. As well as making recommendations about which resources are suitable for EC2 right sizing, ParkMyCloud also makes recommendations about which non-production instances are suitable for auto-scheduling – or “parking”.

These recommendations will be displayed on the single-view dashboard after ParkMyCloud has finished its initial discovery, and all system administrators have to do to park the recommended instances is to apply a parking schedule to them. A choice of preconfigured parking schedules already exists in the ParkMyCloud portal (for example, parked between 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. Monday to Friday and during the weekends), or system administrators can create their own schedules using an intuitive grid.

Auto-scheduling parking times for non-production instances – using the example schedule above – can save businesses almost 65% on the cost of deploying development, staging and testing instances on AWS. However, it is possible to increase savings further by permanently parking non-production resources and RDS databases, and snoozing the schedule when access to the instances is required. Furthermore, the total visibility of your cloud accounts provided by the ParkMyCloud dashboard gives you the governance you need to ensure the savings you make remain permanent.

Try EC2 Right Sizing with ParkMyCloud for Free

If you have not yet considered EC2 right sizing, or been putting it off because of the size of the task, you are invited get in touch and request a free trial of ParkMyCloud. Our free trial offer provides you with the opportunity to quickly and easily address any provisioning issues you may have and auto-schedule start/stop times for non-production instances deployed on AWS.

During your trial, you will also be able to assign parking schedules to any non-production VMs deployed on Azure and non-production instances deployed on GCE – maximizing the savings on your cloud spend, which of course are yours to keep. To find out more about our free trial, or to get answers to any questions about EC2 right sizing with ParkMyCloud, do not hesitate to contact us today.

  • EC2 resources often become over-provisioned or redundant as demand lessens.
  • ParkMyCloud´s EC2 right-sizing tool identifies these resources quickly and easily.
  • Our lightweight app makes recommendations about appropriate configurations.
  • You can also use ParkMyCloud to schedule start/stop times for non-production resources.
  • Businesses can save up to 65% on the cost of deploying resources on AWS.
  • Try ParkMyCloud today and stop paying for AWS resources you are not using.

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