The Other Way to Get Discounts on AWS

Many businesses believe there are only two ways to get discounts on AWS – consolidate the business´s accounts in order to take advantage of volume discounts, or pay years in advance for Reserved Instances. Although these ways to get discounts on AWS work fine if the business qualifies for volume discounts and/or has a high percentage of resources that need to be left running permanently, they are not so good for smaller businesses or those with a high percentage of non-production resources.

There are solutions to overcome this problem. Businesses can allocate all their production resources to the Reserved Instances pricing plan and leave the non-production resources on an On Demand pricing plan. As long as Amazon refrains from further reducing its prices, this would be the best way to get discounts on AWS for the production resources. But how about the non-production resources? Well, there is a way – the “other way” – to get discounts on AWS for those too.

How to Get Discounts on AWS Non-Production Resources

The “other way” to get discounts on AWS non-production resources is to switch them off when they are not needed. Ideally, the process should be automated to avoid the scenario of developers forgetting to switch off their development, testing and staging instances and leaving them running over the weekend. However, reassigning developers to write and maintain scheduling scripts is not the most cost-effective solution, and it may cost more for the developer´s time than the business achieves in AWS discounts.

Scheduling software is often the best solution to get worthwhile discounts on AWS non-production resources, but businesses need to be careful about which solution they choose. Scheduling software is often bundled together with other elements of a cloud management package. If a business is unable to use all of the elements of the cloud management package, it is paying for unused resources – just like leaving non-production instances running overnight!

Cost-Efficient Scheduling Software from ParkMyCloud

ParkMyCloud is a lightweight SaaS with which businesses can quickly and easily schedule on/off time for non-production resources. Not only can system administrators create and apply schedules with the click of a mouse, the app even tells administrators which of the businesses non-production resources are suitable for scheduling. Furthermore, due to the app´s single-view dashboard, system administrators have total visibility over the business´s accounts – improving governance and increasing accountability.

By applying an “on” schedule of 8a.m. to 8p.m. Monday to Friday, businesses can get discounts on AWS non-production resources of almost 65%. The discount can be much higher by applying an “Always Parked” schedule, in which the resources are permanently parked until access to them is required. Parking schedules can be interrupted via a snooze function, making the “Always Parked” schedule an ideal solution for businesses with development teams that work irregular hours.

Get Discounts on AWS with ParkMyCloud for Free

If your business is considering the consolidation of its accounts or paying years in advance for Reserved Instances in order to get discounts on AWS, why not give ParkMyCloud a try for free? We are offering all businesses with non-production instances deployed on AWS the opportunity to evaluate our scheduling schedule in their own environments. The trial consists of a fully-enable version of our software with all the following features:

  • Role-Based Access Controls.
  • Audit Logs and Reports.
  • Administrator Notifications.
  • Parking Recommendations.
  • Unlimited Schedules.
  • Multi-Cloud Support (AWS, Azure and GCE).
  • RDS Database Parking.

During the trial you will be able to create and apply schedules for an unlimited number of instances over ten teams, twenty users and five credentials. Live chat support will be available during normal working hours to provide advice about how you can maximize savings, and everything you save during the free trial is yours to keep. To start your free trial of ParkMyCloud today, click any “Try it Free” button. Alternatively, if you need to know anything before starting your free trial, do not hesitate to contact us.