Get Discounts on Azure the Easy Way

When considering ways to cut costs and get discounts on Azure, many businesses choose one of two paths. They either try to cut costs by optimizing how VMs are deployed, or try to get discounts on Azure by pre-paying or signing up to an Enterprise Agreement. Although both have their advantages – indeed, many businesses choose to do both exercises – they also have their disadvantages.

Spending time ploughing through VM types, regions and pricing plans is time-consuming. Furthermore, most efficient development teams probably assigned their VMs to the most appropriate type, region and pricing plan when the VM was originally deployed, so the cost savings will likely be marginal. Pre-payments and Enterprise Agreements equate to vendor lock-in.

The Unnecessary Cost of Non-Production VMs

The best way to cut costs and get discounts on Azure is to switch off non-production VMs when they are not being used. On a typical working day, access to non-production VMs – such as those used for development, testing and staging – is only required for a maximum of ten hours a day. By switching non-essential VMs off at evenings and weekends, businesses could save more than 70%.

Maintaining that level of saving is difficult if businesses rely on developers remembering to switch their VMs off, and the cost of reassigning developers to write scheduling scripts can significantly erode how much is saved. Therefore, the most cost-effective way to get discounts on AWS costs is to implement scheduling software. It is also the easiest way to cut costs as well.

How Scheduling Software Discounts the Cost of Azure

Scheduling software works by conducting a discovery of a business´s VMs and recommending which are suitable for scheduling based on the names and tags assigned to them. System administrators accept the recommendations and apply a preconfigured schedule to the VMs or create a bespoke schedule to suit the business´s specific requirements.

For businesses with development teams that work irregular hours – or irregular patterns – it is also possible to apply an “Always Off” schedule. This schedule can be interrupted with the click of a mouse when access to the VMs is required, and it reactivates automatically after a period of inactivity to avoid the scenario in which developers forget to restart the “Always Off” schedule.

The Benefits of ParkMyCloud´s Scheduling Software

ParkMyCloud´s scheduling software is a standalone tool to get discounts on Azure inasmuch as it simply schedules start/stop times for non-production VMs and businesses are not paying so a feature-packed cloud management solution, most of which they will never use. In this respect, ParkMyCloud typically pays for itself within two months of implementation.

However, there are further benefits. ParkMyCloud has a single-view dashboard on which projected savings are displayed as schedules are confirmed – rather than costs being calculated retrospectively. With this information, businesses can better plan projects, capacity and budgets, and – due to having total visibility – system administrators can ensure the plans are adhered to with better governance.

The Easy Way to Get Discounts on Azure Costs for Free

Rather than waste time ploughing through VM types, regions and pricing plans to make a minimal saving, or committing your business to Microsoft´s cloud service, why not try ParkMyCloud for free and see how easy it is to get discounts on Azure costs with our scheduling software? Our free trial enables system administrators to apply unlimited schedules over an unlimited number of VMs, and much more:

  • System administrators can create role-based access controls to monitor activity on the business´s Azure accounts.
  • They can also set up notification alerts to be advised of any attempted overriding of the ParkMyCloud policy engine.
  • ParkMyCloud can also be used during the free trial to schedule start/sop times for non-production AWS and GCE instances.

To start your free trial of ParkMyCloud simply click on any “Try it Free” button and enter a few details about yourself. Alternatively, if you have any questions about ParkMyCloud or our free trial offer, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team will be happy to answer any questions about how ParkMyCloud can help you get discounts on Azure costs the easy way with relevance to your specific requirements.