Google Cloud Management Software

When evaluating Google Cloud management software, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. In addition to Google´s own Deployment Manager and BigQuery analytics service, there are many different types of software for managing Google Compute Engine (GCE) depending on the manner of task you want the platform to perform.

While there are many available options for GCE management, rarely does any of the software deal with the issue of reducing GCE costs. GCE pricing is attractive to many users due to the fact that they are only charged for the compute time they actually use. Compared to other services that charge their users for idle compute time – this GCE pricing is a great option. Even though GCE has a favorable pricing structure compared to other IaaS vendors and does well in price-for-performance comparisons, the cost of deploying instances on Google´s cloud compute platform can still drain a project´s budget.

Solutions for Reducing GCE Costs

Thankfully, there are several solutions out there that can help with reducing GCE costs. Assuming an optimal pricing structure has been chosen for each instance, businesses can reduce GCE costs even further by switching off non-production instances when they are not required. They can do so by either reallocating resources to develop scheduling scripts, or instructing developers to log into the Google Cloud console to switch them off manually.

Though both are good options, neither method is fully effective. The reallocation of internal resources to develop scripts can cost more than the savings one would get by scheduling scripts. Also, relying on a manual on/off process is subject to human error – which is probably not the best way of reducing GCE costs. For these reasons, many businesses choose to implement Google Cloud management software to reduce costs.

How Google Cloud Management Software Reduces Costs

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Those interested in reducing GCE costs should look into software for managing GCE. This kind of software works by automatically scheduling on/off times for non-production instances. In many businesses, instances used for developing, testing and staging are only required for up to 40 hours per week. For the remaining 128 hours or more per week, these instances are idle but businesses are still paying for the unutilized compute power.

Software for managing GCE automates the manual on/off process – thus eliminating the need for businesses to dedicate internal resources to developing scheduling scripts. It also alleviates developers from the responsibility of remembering to switch off non-production instances at the end of each day. Another benefit of this software is that it provides a single dashboard view of all a business´s instances so it can assist with deployment, account manageability and governance. The single-pane dashboard is great because of the increased visibility it provides into one’s dashboard as well as a detailed overview including all of the necessary information.

How to Use ParkMyCloud’s Software for Managing GCE

In order to use ParkMyCloud´s software to manage GCE, administrators simply log into their Google Cloud Console through the software´s SaaS app. The Google Cloud management software discovers all the business´s instances and makes recommendations about which are suitable for scheduling (or “parking” as we refer to it) based on the names and tags assigned to each instance.

Administrators can accept or adjust the recommendations and, once the final selection has been confirmed, a schedule is displayed indicating days of the week and times of the day. The days and hours when the non-production instances will be idle should be selected and confirmed. The UI then displays the projected savings, and once the schedule takes effect, the projected savings become actual savings.

The following video shows you how to navigate through ParkMyCloud to see all the different recommendations available. You can also see what the data gathered through Google looks like in the console. Doing all of this is a lot easier than you might think – and it can save you a lot of time and money!

The Benefits of ParkMyCloud´s Google Cloud Management Software

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The financial benefits of ParkMyCloud can be significant. A business that parks their non-production instances during weekends and/or for 12 hours a day – typically 8 PM – 8 AM – on weekdays would be reducing GCE costs by 65%. There is potential for even greater savings if users apply an “always off schedule” – they can override the schedule when the non-production instances are required. 

Other benefits of ParkMyCloud include enhanced security and the ability to create team and role structures so that team members can set schedules for their own non-production instances. While non-production instances are parked, they are inaccessible – eliminating the need for the instances to be monitored by network security teams or scanned for viruses. 

RightSizing with ParkMyCloud

Another common problem with wasted cloud spend is oversized resources. With RightSizing, ParkMyCloud will match GCE resources with the proper workload. A majority of the time, people may not even realize that they do not have the proper size for their resources and end up paying for more than they need. By matching the correct workload with the resources, it ensures that users are not paying for more than they actually need. Downsizing by one instance size saves 50% of the cost – and two sizes down saves 75%. Something as easy as RightSizing resources can help people cut their GCE costs significantly. 

ParkMyCloud will not only make recommendations, but will also help you take action to resize your instances, move families, and/or modernize as needed so that you can optimize your GCE performance at the lowest cost.

Try Reducing GCE Costs for Free

If your business deploys instances on Google´s Compute Engine, you are invited to try reducing GCE costs with ParkMyCloud for free. Our offer consists of a fourteen-day free trial of our Google Cloud management software so that you can experience the benefits of our software for managing GCE in your own environment.

In order to take advantage of our invitation, simply register for an account using your work email address. There are no contracts to sign, no credit cards required and no commitment to continue using ParkMyCloud once the free trial is over. Best of all, however much money your business saves by using our software for managing GCE is yours to keep.

Alternatively, you are welcome to contact us with any questions you have about Google Cloud management software or about ParkMyCloud. Our team of experienced Customer Service Representatives will be happy to walk you through the registration process and explain the features of ParkMyCloud´s software for reducing GCE costs.

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