Google Cloud Platform Automation

After companies identify the financial benefits of Google’s cloud computing services, they reach the stage of Google Cloud Platform automation. Once they reach a critical mass of infrastructure on the cloud platform, it becomes necessary to automate certain tasks and processes rather than manage them manually. 

For many companies, using Google´s cloud computing services is more cost-efficient than building and maintaining their own infrastructure. However, as more instances are deployed, costs escalate and companies look for ways to optimize their public cloud computing resources. The best way to achieve optimization in your Google cloud environment is with Google Cloud Platform automation.

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Reducing Cloud Computing Costs Does Not Always Mean You Are Optimizing

Most organizations typically deploy a mixture of production instances and non-production instances. Access to non-production instances – for example, instances used for development, staging, and testing – is usually only required during the working day, say from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. For the other 70% of the week, organizations are paying for compute power on their non-production instances that they are not actually using. 

When organizations realize how much money they are wasting on cloud spend, they will try to take steps to fix this, starting with help from their developers. In order for developers to successfully do this, they may have to switch off their development, staging and testing instances when they are not in use which can take them away from core projects just so they can write scheduling scripts. Or else, remember to turn resources off and on manually, which will have a low success rate.

Neither of these options will help organizations achieve optimization. For starters, manually turning on/off instances leaves room for human error. Developers could forget to switch off their instances, leaving them running when not needed. Also, writing and maintaining scheduling scripts can cost more in resources than the company would be saving. Furthermore, neither option prevents developers from deploying more instances on the company’s Google Cloud Platform, so any cost reduction that is implemented will only be a temporary fix.

Astute cloud users may realize there are other ways to reduce costs, such as resizing resources to best match the workloads. But just like scheduling, excessive manual time devoted to solving these problems may end up costing your company more money than you’re saving. 

What is Google Cloud Platform Automation?

The best solution to solving the manual process of turning on and off instances is automation. Google Cloud Platform automation is the implementation of scheduling software used to automate the manual process of switching non-production instances on and off and other cost optimization problems such as resource sizing. The advantage Google Cloud Platform automation has over the previously mentioned options is that it provides administrators with a single-view dashboard of all the company’s Google instances, and saves time and money by eliminating developer time needed to manage manual or scripted processes.

Using a single view dashboard, administrators can create permission tiers from within the cost optimization software, assign instances to development teams, and write policies to apply specific schedules to instances with certain tags. When the schedules go live, administrators can view the total amounts saved and download the information in report form to accurately plan for capacity, projects, and budgets. 

The reports can be configured to account for the savings made by each team, each user, or each credential. This versatility increases accountability which could even lead to increased productivity by the development teams. Further optimization is achieved when administrators are able to identify unused instances so that they can be reassigned or retired if no longer needed.

How to Work the Software That Automates Google Cloud Platform

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Software to automate Google Cloud Platform works through a SaaS web application. Administrators connect to the company’s Google Cloud Platform via a secure limited access role in the web portal, which then conducts a discovery of the company’s instances and displays which are suitable for scheduling (or “parking” as we call it). Administrators assign the instances to the teams that have been created and writes whatever policies are appropriate.

When teams sign into their accounts via the app, the only instances they can see are the non-production instances assigned them. If a universal scheduling policy has not been set by the administrator, team members can set their own parking schedules for their development, staging and testing instances – either using preconfigured schedules or creating schedules of their own.

The option also exists to permanently park one or more instances even though access may be required during the day. In this scenario – or in the scenario when access to other parked instances is required – team members can “snooze” their parking schedules. Mechanisms exist to automatically return the accessed instances to their dormant mode in case team members forget.

Free Google Cloud Platform Automation Software from ParkMyCloud

ParkMyCloud is a tool for scheduling non-production instances on Google Cloud Platform that helps companies reduce their cloud computing costs, improve their IT governance, increase accountability, and optimize their cloud computing resources. ParkMyCloud has already helped hundreds of companies optimize their cloud computing resources and save millions of dollars as a result. Businesses that use ParkMyCloud to identify cloud waste have reduced their spend by 65% through policy-driven automation.

Until now, there has been no easy way to view your cloud resources across GCP in a single, intuitive dashboard and schedule on/off times for these resources, or RightSize them,  in an automatic and simple way. ParkMyCloud offers these excellent features to help with the cost reduction and resource optimization processes. For example, when team members schedule their non-production instances to be parked, the UI displays the projected savings over the next thirty days. Having this figure to work with, budget-conscious team members can adjust their schedules as necessary before confirming their schedules.

Another bonus of ParkMyClouds automated scheduling is that it helps identify and shut down idle resources and automatically turns them off when they aren’t being used. This automated software can help organizations save a tremendous amount on their Google Cloud spend. 

Optimize Your Google Cloud Infrastructure with Automated RightSizing

Choosing the right instance type for cloud resources is difficult. The major providers offer a huge range of options, each optimized for different capabilities, and a variety of sizes within each instance family. It can be hard to predict in advance what you’ll need. And indeed, our data shows that 95% of instances are operating at less than 50% average CPU – that is to say, most of them are oversized.

Why does it matter? Oversized instances are a huge waste of money. Resizing your instances and downsizing by one instance size saves 50% of the cost, two sizes down saves even more (75%). ParkMyCloud not only makes recommendations but also helps take action to resize instances, move families and/or modernize as needed so users can optimize performance with the lowest cost. 

ParkMyCloud’s RightSizing functionality allows users to resize their instances so they are fit for their environments and not accruing additional and unnecessary costs. 

RightSizing your Google Cloud instances with ParkMyCloud can help users gain more control over their cloud environment as well as help them save on their cloud bill. 

If your company would like to optimize your Google cloud computing resources with automation, we invite you to take advantage of a fourteen-day free trial of ParkMyCloud. The trial provides you with the opportunity to evaluate the merits of ParkMyCloud in your own environment, with the option to continue using a limited version of the software for free once the trial period has ended or upgrading to a premium subscription for which payback is usually within two months.

To start your free trial of our Google Cloud Platform automation software, click the “Try it Now” button. Alternatively, if you have any questions about our software to automate Google Cloud Platform, you are welcome to contact us and speak with one of our helpful and experienced Customer Services Team. Our Customer Services Team will be happy to answer your questions and discuss with you how ParkMyCloud can help meet your company´s requirements.

  • ParkMyCloud is a permanent solution to reducing cloud costs.
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