Google Cloud Platform Cost Reduction

There comes a stage in every company´s “Google cloud awareness journey” when the priority becomes Google Cloud Platform cost reduction. In many cases, Google Cloud Compute is a less expensive option than Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure but, because of pricing benefits, instance deployment can escalate out of control – and hence, IT costs.

Enthusiastic instance deployment without effective IT governance can lead to several issues. If IT costs escalate out of control, future project, capacity and budget planning is impossible. Companies with preset spending limits enabled on their Google accounts may also find access to their instances is unavailable if their monthly spend limits are exceeded.

Several measures exist to achieve Google Cloud Platform cost reduction. Companies can move non-essential instances to a preemptible pricing plan or take advantage of Google´s Sustained Use Discounts. However, these measures may only give temporary respite to developers´ enthusiasm, and a more effective way to achieve a Google Cloud Platform cost reduction is with scheduling software.

Why Buy When You Can Build?

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In most companies, developers only need access to development, staging and testing instances during the working day. If the working day is from 8:00 in the morning to 8:00 in the evening, Monday to Friday, companies are paying for the other 108 hours of compute power per week when their non-production Google instances are sitting idle. “Compute waste” was estimated to cost cloud users $6 billion in 2016.

Scheduling software automates the process of switching non-production Google instances on and off. Although it is possible to reassign developers from core projects to write and maintain scheduling scripts to do the same job, the cost of writing and maintaining the scripts could be more than the Google Cloud Platform cost reduction achieved. It would also put back the delivery of the core projects.

Most scheduling software is relatively inexpensive, is simple to use when provided as a SaaS app and has low maintenance overheads. It can reduce the cost of deploying non-production instances on Google Cloud Compute by up to 65%, plus deliver indirect savings through increased accountability, improved management of Google instances and effective IT governance. That is why you buy when you can build!

How Scheduling Software Achieves Google Cloud Platform Cost Reduction

In order to achieve the maximum Google Cloud Platform cost reduction, system administrators should sign into the company´s Google account via the SaaS app. The app will conduct a discovery of the company´s deployed instances and suggest which are suitable for automatic scheduling (or “parking” as we refer to it) based on administrative policies and tags assigned to the instances.

Administrators can then create permission tiers and roles for their development teams and assign the non-production Google instances to each team. This process ensures that teams only get access to the instances they are responsible for and that any schedules they apply to their development, staging and testing instances will not impact schedules applied by other teams.

When each team signs into the scheduling software, they can see only their instances and can set parking schedules for them as a group or individually – or automatically, according to policies created by the administrator through the app. There is a choice of parking schedules already configured in the app or the teams can create their own parking schedules via an uncomplicated interface.

As soon as the parking schedules are confirmed, the projected Google Cloud Platform cost reduction for the next thirty days is displayed on the interface. The schedules can be amended as necessary or “snoozed” if access to an instance is required during a scheduled stop, so – once the parking schedules are operational – the interface also displays actual savings

Indirect Savings Reduce Google Cloud Platform Costs Further

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The single-view dashboard through which system administrators create the role-based permission tiers provides multiple indirect saving opportunities. By allocating development, staging and testing instances to each development team, system administrators can see the Google Cloud Platform cost reduction achieved by each team, user or credential – thus increasing accountability.

The savings can be downloaded in report form for accurate project, capacity and budget planning, while underused instances can be reassigned to less expensive zones, machine types and pricing plans. Unused instances can be identified and retired if no longer required. This enhanced level of IT governance can account for significant savings in companies with a large IT team or R&D department.

Scheduling software also eases security concerns about the integrity of development, staging and testing instances. While parked, these instances cannot be hacked or compromised by unauthorized third parties. Therefore there is no need for non-production Google instances to be monitored by network security teams or scanned for virus while dormant.

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ParkMyCloud is a simple SaaS app that already helps hundreds of companies achieve the maximum Google Cloud Platform cost reduction and save millions of dollars each year. ParkMyCloud delivers the direct and indirect savings mentioned above, plus provides the option for developers to permanently park non-production Google instances and snooze their schedules when access is required.

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If your company would like to achieve maximum Google Cloud Platform cost reduction, we invite you to take advantage of a fourteen-day free trial of ParkMyCloud and evaluate its merits in your own environment. At the end of the trial, you can continue using a limited version of the software free of charge, or upgrade to the premium subscription package more suitable for your company´s needs.

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  • The enthusiastic deployment of instances without governance results in “compute waste”.
  • Many ways to achieve a Google Cloud Platform cost reduction are temporary measures.
  • Scheduling software automates the process of switching Google instances on and off.
  • ParkMyCloud makes recommendations about which instances are suitable for parking.
  • Parking schedules are easy to apply and adjust with just a few clicks of a mouse.
  • Businesses can achieve a Google Cloud Platform cost reduction of up to 65% in less than fifteen minutes.
  • Try ParkMyCloud today and see how much you can reduce your costs by. However much you save is yours to keep.