How to Optimize AWS Instances with ParkMyCloud

The issue of how to optimize AWS instances can be complicated to resolve because of the way in which cloud service providers charge for their services. Although priced to make the cost of the services viable when compared to maintaining a network in a physical environment, business do not pay for the services they use. Instead they pay for the services they “provision”.

This means if you have a virtual server that utilizes “x” resources on average, but peaks a “y”, you have to provision (and pay) for “y”. Any under-provisioning may result in the server being inaccessible during peak times – when you would most likely want it to be available. Therefore, the first stage of optimizing AWS instances is establishing you have provisioned for peak utilization, and nothing more.

The second stage of how to optimize AWS instances is making sure you are not paying for a service you are not using – for example when your virtual server is not being utilized at all. There are various ways to deal with this issue, but most of them are not cost-effective and inflexible – particularly if development teams work irregular hours or in irregular patterns.

How to Optimize AWS Instances with ParkMyCloud

ParkMyCloud resolves both stages of how to optimize AWS instances easily and cost-effectively. Our lightweight app conducts a discovery of your AWS account and makes resizing recommendations for underused resources and those that could be allocated to a less expensive pricing plan. ParkMyCloud can do this for EC2 instances, RDS instances, auto-scaling groups, logical groups, and any other resource deployed in the cloud that is charged for the amount of time it is enabled.

In addition to recommending appropriate configurations, ParkMyCloud also identifies which resources are suitable for being automatically switched off when access to them is not required. These are typically non-production resources used for development, testing and staging that are not utilized once your development teams have left for the day. No recommendations are made about the on/off schedules that should be applied, but we do supply preconfigured schedules for you to use.

The “parking” schedules can be applied individually, by group, or network-wide. Different schedules can be applied to different instances or groups; and, if there is not a preconfigured schedule to meet your needs, new schedules are easy to create via an intuitive grid on ParkMyCloud´s management portal. Once the parking schedules have been applied, ParkMyCloud projects how much you will save over the next thirty days and – when the schedules are operation – displays a total of your savings to date.

A Cost-Effective Solution, Flexible and Compliant

ParkMyCloud´s scheduling software is as flexible as you can get. If you have development teams that work irregular hours or in irregular patterns, you can select a “permanently parked” schedule that switches non-production resources off until access to them is required. When access is required, the “permanently parked” schedule is snoozed with the click of a mouse, and the schedule is automatically reactivated following a period of inactivity unless restarted manually first.

ParkMyCloud has further features that can help optimize AWS instances – and keep them optimized. The app´s management portal provides total visibility over a business´s accounts – including Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Engine accounts – in order to increase governance and accountability. System admins can use this level of visibility to identify unused resources, and resources that have been deployed unnecessarily or with an unnecessary configuration.

ParkMyCloud also provides audit logs and a suite of reporting options which can help businesses in regulated industries comply with their risk assessment obligations. These logs and reports reveal who has logged into an account, when they logged in and what they did while logged in. In terms of how to optimize AWS instances, the reports also show how much each user is spending and saving, so parking schedules can be adjusted if required.

How to Request a Free Trial of ParkMyCloud

If you are interested in finding out more about how to optimize AWS instances with ParkMyCloud, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our Customer Services team will be happy to answer any questions you have, explain more about how our right-sizing tool and scheduling software works, and guide you through the process of registering for a free trial.

The free trial is the best way to experience how to optimize AWS instances in your own environment. Throughout your free trial you will have unparalleled support from our Customer Services and Technical Support teams in order to determine the most appropriate configurations for your AWS resources and maximize your cloud savings. Contact us today to find out more.