How to Save Cloud Costs

It’s important to know how to save cloud costs – particularly if you are constantly under pressure from your finance department due to rising bills from Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure or Google Compute Engine. However, in order to relieve the pressure long term, taking short cuts in order to temporarily save cloud costs is not the best approach.

For example, using rightsizing tools to reassign existing resources to cheaper pricing plans will only help you save cloud costs in the long term if you refrain from deploying further resources. Another unreliable short cut is to tell developers to switch off development, testing and staging resources when they are not using them, while getting your developers to write scheduling scripts to do the same is rarely cost-effective.

To save cloud costs permanently, you need a solution that will give you visibility across all your accounts so you can improve IT governance and increase accountability. However, it is not necessary to implement all-singing, all-dancing cloud management software with dozens of features you will never use in order to achieve this. All you need is ParkMyCloud.

Relieve the Pressure with ParkMyCloud

ParkMyCloud is a lightweight tool for automating on/off times for non-production resources deployed on Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure or Google Compute Engine. Most developers only need to access their development, testing and staging resources for a maximum of 60 hours per week so, for the remaining 108 hours each week, they are sitting idle but still running up cloud costs.

You can save cloud costs by allowing ParkMyCloud to do a discovery of all your deployed resources. The app will make recommendations about which resources are suitable for switching off when not required (or “parking” as we call it), and gives you the choice of selecting a pre-configured schedule or creating one of your own. The scheduling process can be done at administrator level or by individual teams.

Once the selections have been made and the schedules confirmed, ParkMyCloud displays the projected saving of parking non-production resources over the next thirty days. Once in action, an “actual savings” figure is displayed as well. The figures can be downloaded by user, department or credential and sent to your finance department to show them by how much ParkMyCloud helps you save cloud costs.

Save Cloud Costs and Improve IT Governance

ParkMyCloud improves IT governance by providing administrators with a single view across all the company´s cloud accounts. As mentioned above, you need this level of visibility to ensure the measures you implement to save cloud costs are not only effective at the time you implement them, but remain effective by preventing the over-eager deployment of new resources.

With improved IT governance comes increased accountability. Each development team can be assigned its own resources and allowed to create its own schedules. In this scenario it would be possible for teams to schedule development, staging and testing resources to be permanently parked, and the schedule “snoozed” when access to the resources is required.

There are other benefits of having total visibility of a company´s cloud accounts. Unused and underused resources can be identified and either retired or reassigned to a cheaper pricing plan. The single view of accounts across all platforms make for more accurate reporting and planning, while different team and role structures can be created to further increase accountability.

Try ParkMyCloud and See How Much You Could Save

If you are under pressure from your finance department to save cloud costs, we invite you to try a fully-enabled version of ParkMyCloud free for fourteen days in order to evaluate its merits in your own environment. There is no integration or installation required to set up our scheduling app. Simply click the “Try it Now” button and you will be up and running within fifteen minutes.

During the fourteen-day trial, you will have the opportunity to see ParkMyCloud at work, set different schedules for different resources and see how much you can save. At the end of the fourteen days, you have the options to continue using ParkMyCloud free of charge or subscribing to a premium service – the same service as you will have enjoyed during the trial period.

If you have any questions about how ParkMyCloud can help your company save cloud costs, improve IT governance and increase accountability, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team will be happy to explain the features and benefits of ParkMyCloud and guide you through the registration process for your free trial.

Typically our most popular subscription service pays for itself within two months and continues to deliver cloud costs savings of up to 65% for the rest of the year. If you feel your finance department would be happy for you to save cloud costs by up to 65%, try ParkMyCloud today.