Optimize Instance Utilization the Easy Way

Simply put, when you optimize instance utilization, you get the best possible performance from your instances for the least possible cost. It sounds an ideal scenario, but quite often instance utilization optimization gets pushed to the bottom of the “to do” list because it is so darned complicated.

To optimize instance utilization you need to determine how much memory, bandwidth, storage, and processing power you need at peak times and find the most appropriate configuration to meet those needs. Once you bring auto-scaling into the equation, the process becomes more complicated still.

However, there is an easy way to find the most appropriate configurations for your instances and optimizing them – not only in terms of achieving the best possible performance, but also at the least possible cost. The easy way is with ParkMyCloud.

ParkMyCloud´s Three-Dimensional Approach

ParkMyCloud´s three-dimensional approach to instance utilization consists of a vertical dimension, a horizontal dimension and a time dimension. Between them, the three dimensions right-size resources that are charged for all the time they are enabled, identify “zombie resources” for terminating, and make sure resources are switched off when access to them is not required.

In the first dimension (vertical), ParkMyCloud conducts a discovery of a business´s cloud-deployed resources. It produces an “Instance Utilization Report” based on Cloudwatch data that indicates peaks in utilization and recommends (where applicable) a more appropriate feature-set. In some cases, ParkMyCloud may recommend assigning a resource to a different, less expensive, pricing plan.

In the second dimension (horizontal), ParkMyCloud identifies unused resources in order they can be terminated, and elements of auto-scaling groups that are unnecessary or where auto-scaling parameters leave more systems up than are needed. Again, where applicable, ParkMyCloud will make recommendations when entire auto-scaling groups have been over-provisioned.

In the third dimension (time), ParkMyCloud highlights resources that can be switched off when access to them is not required. Typically these will be non-production EC2 and RDS instances that are used for development, testing and staging. However, rather than rely on individual developers to switch off unrequired resources, ParkMyCloud provides the software to schedule on/off times automatically.

How ParkMyCloud Optimizes Instance Utilization

It was mentioned above that ParkMyCloud conducts a discovery of a business´s cloud-deployed resources. In order to do this, a super-admin must log into their AWS, Azure or GCE account via ParkMyCloud´s management portal, and create a permissions-limited user credential (or dedicated credential on Azure).

Once the discovery is complete, the business´s cloud-deployed resources are displayed on a single-view dashboard illustrating such features as their name, type and cost. From the dashboard, super-admins can access heatmap-style utilization reports over customizable timescales that clearly show the data ParkMyCloud´s recommendations are based on.

ParkMyCloud will not automatically resize resources. It does not have the authority to do that. Plus there may be resources in your cloud accounts you have future plans for that would be affected by any intervention. However, by using the data displayed on ParkMyCloud´s dashboard, super-admins can make informed decisions about instance utilization and optimization.

Where the opportunity exists to switch off resources when access to them is not required, super-admins can assign a choice of preconfigured parking schedules to them, or delegate the responsibility to individual development teams. A comprehensive suite of reports ensures administrators have total governance over applied parking schedules to maintain instance utilization optimization.

Optimize Your Instances with ParkMyCloud for Free

If you are looking to get the best possible performance from your instances for the least possible cost, you are invited to get in touch and discuss your requirements with our friendly Customer Services team. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding instance optimization and can explain the features and benefits of ParkMyCloud with relevance to your particular circumstances.

You will be invited to take a free trial of ParkMyCloud in order to evaluate its capabilities in your own environment without any obligation to continue using our right-sizing tool or scheduling software once the trial has ended. However, if you do decide to continue using ParkMyCloud to maintain control over your cloud costs, our lightweight app typically pays for itself within two months. Contact us today to find out more.