Lower AWS Expenses with Scheduling Software

Despite having been proven to lower AWS expenses cost-effectively, some IT departments have failed to grasp the advantages of using scheduling software to schedule off-on times for non-production instances. One of the reasons for this is a “we can build, so why buy” mentality in which developers prefer to write and maintain scheduling scripts, rather than use off-the-shelf software. In some scenarios this mentality is justified, but not necessarily when it comes to lowering AWS expenses.

Scheduling software has several benefits when compared to writing and maintaining scheduling scripts. It is less expensive than the cost of writing scheduling scripts when you consider developers´ wages, and it can be operational within minutes – so hardly likely to delay the delivery of projects as the reassignment of developers might. Possibly more importantly, scheduling software provides a greater degree of governance than scheduling scripts, thus helping to lower AWS expenses permanently.

How Scheduling Software Can Lower AWS Expenses

Scheduling software can lower AWS expenses by scheduling off-on times for EC2 and RDS instances used for non-production tasks such as development, staging and testing. In order to determine which resources are suitable for scheduling, administrators have to create a permissions-limited IAM credential for the software and allow it to “discover” the company´s EC2 and RDS instances. It then makes recommendations about which are suitable for scheduling based on the instances´ tags.

Once administrators have a clear view of the company´s cloud resources, they can select which instances they want to schedule off-on times for, and what times they want the schedules to run. A typical schedule might be off from 8p.m. each evening until 8a.m each morning and at weekends, which would save a company almost 65% on the cost of deploying non-production resources in the cloud. Due to the flexibility of scheduling software, the opportunity exists to lower AWS expenses by much more.

Flexibility is an Important Factor in Lowering AWS Expenses

One key advantage scheduling software has over scheduling scripts is its ease of use, and within its ease of use, its flexibility. Schedules can be adjusted with the click of a mouse, or interrupted via a snooze button if access to an instance is required while it is switched off. Logical groups of EC2 and RDS instances can be created and applied the same schedule, so when a developer needs access to a group of dormant instances, one click is all it needs to reactivate the group.

The snooze function is particularly valuable for scheduling off-on times for development teams that work irregular hours or in irregular patterns. Their non-production instances can be scheduled to be permanently switched off, and the schedules interrupted as required. The “Always Off” schedule means that companies only pay for the time when non-production resources are used – maximizing the amount by which companies can lower AWS expenses.

Scheduling Software from ParkMyCloud Helps Keep AWS Expenses Low

ParkMyCloud´s scheduling software not only helps companies lower AWS expenses, it helps keep them low by improving administrator governance over their cloud accounts and team accountability. ParkMyCloud does this using a variety of mechanisms such as Role-Based Access Controls and audit logs that record who has done what, when and how. Administrators can use these tools to monitor real-time activity or can schedule reports to review historic activity when required.

ParkMyCloud´s single-view dashboard also gives administrators totally visibility over the company´s cloud accounts in order to identify unused and underused resources, and auto-scaling groups that could be better configured. This feature can help with the correct provisioning of all resources – not just non-production instances – to ensure the company´s AWS expenses are optimized. Furthermore, companies have the opportunity to optimize their AWS expenses for free by taking advantage of our trial offer.

By How Much Will You Lower AWS Expenses during Your Free Trial?

Our free trial offer gives you the opportunity to evaluate ParkMyCloud in your own environment and witness its ease of use and effectiveness at lowering AWS expenses – and keeping them low. By taking advantage of this opportunity, you are under no obligation to continue using ParkMyCloud at the end of the trial, plus you get to keep whatever you save during the trial. To find out more about how you can lower AWS expenses for free, do not hesitate to contact us today.