Lower AWS Spend the Stress-Free Way

Evaluating ways to lower AWS spend can be stressful. Most of the options to lower AWS spend come with their shortcomings – for example asking your developers to switch off non-production instances when they have finished using them. The option usually works well for a while, until forgetfulness takes over and resources are left running (and running up costs) over an extended holiday period.

Similarly, asking your developers to write scheduling scripts can be stressful if the task delays the delivery of a project or causes the project to run over budget because your developers were otherwise engaged writing scheduling scripts. Of course, depending on how much your developers are paid, this option also fails to guarantee you will lower AWS spend once their wages are taken into account.

A third option causes IT managers more stress than most. Some bright spark in finance has read you can lower AWS spend by reassigning resources to cheaper types, areas and pricing plans. In some circumstances you can, but generally you will have selected the most appropriate type, area and pricing plan when you originally deployed the resource. Trying to shave pennies off your AWS spend by looking for opportunities to right-size resources is not the best use of anybody´s time – let alone yours.

What about Software to Lower AWS Spend?

Evaluating software to lower AWS spend can also be stressful. Most cloud management solutions contain some form of scheduling software that can automate the process of switching non-production resources on and off, but these are usually bundled together with software you are never likely to use (a fair guess, because if the surplus software was any use, you would already be using it).

If you were to subscribe to a cloud management solution for the sake of using its scheduling software, imagine how stressed you would be when the bright spark in finance informs you that you are spending more on the cloud management solution than you are saving, and wouldn’t it have been a better idea to reassign resources to cheaper types, areas and pricing plans.

There are some “stand alone” software solutions to lower AWS spend – i.e. software solutions that only schedule stop-start times for non-production EC2 and RDS instances. These are more reliable than developers´ memories, less expensive than developers´ wages and easier to use than cloud management solutions. In the case of ParkMyCloud, you also get alerted to opportunities to right-size overprovisioned resources. That should keep the bright spark in finance quiet!

Stress-Free Scheduling Software from ParkMyCloud

Automating stop-start schedules with ParkMyCloud could not be any more stress-free. You simply log into your AWS account through ParkMyCloud´s web-based management portal and create an IAM role with limited permissions for our app. Then you allow it to conduct a discovery of your resources to identify which are suitable for scheduling (or “parking” as we call it).

Once the discovery is complete, all of your resources will be displayed across a single-view dashboard, giving you total visibility over your AWS account. Alongside each resource suitable for parking, there will appear a small calendar icon. You click on the icon, select from a preconfigured parking schedule (or create a new one of your own) and confirm the selection. AS soon as the selection is confirmed, a figure appears on the dashboard indicating by how much you will lower AWS spend over the next thirty days.

To accelerate the scheduling process, you can group resources together. For example, you could create logical groups of EC2 instances and RDS instances and schedule the group as one. You can also right-size auto-scaling groups via the portal and – depending on how many individual schedules you want to apply – the whole process could be completed within an hour. How stress-free is that?

Lowering AWS Spend and Keeping it Lowered

One of the mistakes some businesses make is to lower AWS spend and think “job done”. Unfortunately, if you want to enjoy a stress-free work environment (at least as far as your AWS spend is concerned) you have to keep an eye on your account to ensure your AWS spend is optimized and that your development teams are accountable for the resources they deploy and the schedules they assign to them.

This is a straightforward procedure with ParkMyCloud due to the option of sorting your developers into teams (by users or credentials) and using Role-Based Access Controls (RBACs). You can schedule reports of historic activity and print audit logs to help assist your governance, and set up alerts to inform you of when actions are attempted that contravene any policies you have set up in the Policy Manager feature.

Overall, using ParkMyCloud to lower AWS spend and keep it lowered saves you time, saves you money, and saves you stress. Furthermore, if you would like to evaluate ParkMyCloud in your own environment, we are offering businesses a free trial of our scheduling software. Simply click on any “Try It Free” button on this page, or contact us with any questions you have about how ParkMyCloud can help you lower AWS spend and keep it lowered.