How to Lower Your Cloud Bill with ParkMyCloud

If you deploy resources on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Compute Platform, it is almost inevitable at some stage you will be asked to lower your cloud bill. Typically, once a company adopts cloud computing, resources are deployed enthusiastically – sometime too enthusiastically – and cloud bills can get out of control.

There are several short term measures you can take to lower your cloud bill. You can reassign resources to cheaper pricing plans, pay your cloud bill years in advance to qualify for a discount, tell your developers to switch off their non-production resources when they are not using them, or reassign your developers away from their core projects to write scheduling scripts.

Why the Above Measures are Not Effective Solutions

Each of the above measures has its problems. It is more than likely you selected the most appropriate regions and types when you first deployed your resources, so the opportunities for finding savings by reassigning them will be limited. Furthermore, paying in advance for a service that is regularly coming down in price could negate any discounts you receive for prepayment.

Relying on developers to remember to switch off their non-production resources when they are not using them is a risky strategy to adopt if you want to achieve long term savings on your cloud bill, while – depending on the volume of non-production resources you have deployed in the cloud – it could cost more to write scheduling scripts than you would actually save.

All of the above measures will lower your cloud bill to some degree, but they are not effective measures for achieving long term savings. The likelihood is that in three, six or twelve months, you will be asked again to lower your cloud bill, and a better solution could be to implement cloud management software from ParkMyCloud.

How ParkMyCloud Can Help Lower Your Cloud Bill

ParkMyCloud is a lightweight SaaS platform that enables you to quickly and easily schedule on/off times for your non-production resources. The process involves creating an IAM role with limited permissions for the app and allowing it to conduct a discovery of your cloud accounts. The app then makes recommendations about which resources are suitable for scheduling – or “parking” as we call it.

Administrators can create company-wide parking policies for all the recommended resources, or let development teams create their own parking schedules to suit each teams´ requirements. There is a selection of preconfigured parking schedules to choose from (for example, on only between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Monday to Friday) on it is possible to create your own on the uncomplicated UI.

As schedules are created and applied, the UI displays the projected savings over the next thirty days. Once the schedules are in operation, the actual amount by which you will lower your cloud bill is also displayed by the UI. Administrators can access these figures to make sure that parking schedules are being applied, to see how much ParkMyCloud is saving and if further savings could be achieved.

How Much You Can Save Using ParkMyCloud

How much you can save using ParkMyCloud depends on the parking schedules you apply. Using the example of the preconfigured schedule mentioned above, ParkMyCloud would switch off the selected resources for 108 hours out of a 168 hour week, and therefore save almost 65% on the cost of deploying non-production resources in the cloud.

How Much You Can Save Using ParkMyCloud
ScheduleStart TimeStop TimeHours SavedCosts Saved
Mon-Sun8.00 a.m.8.00 p.m.84 per week50%
Mon-Sun9.00 a.m.6.00 p.m.105 per week62%
Mon-Sat7.00 a.m.10.00 p.m.78 per week54%
Mon-Sat8.30 a.m.7.30 p.m.102 per week60%
Mon-Fri8.00 a.m.8.00 p.m.108 per week64%
Mon-Fri9.00 a.m.5.00 p.m.128 per week76%

Further savings can be made by scheduling some or all of the non-production instances to be permanently parked, and snoozing the schedule when access to them is required. Safeguards exist to automatically return the resources to their parked state after a period of inactivity, just in case your developers forget to reactivate their parking schedules.

Achieve a Lower EC2 Bill with ParkMyCloud

ParkMyCloud can help your business lower a cloud bill on any of AWS, Azure or GCP – or on all three through the same single-view dashboard if your business employs a multi-cloud strategy. For this example, we are going to demonstrate how simple it is to achieve a lower EC2 bill – and maintain a lower EC2 bill – with just a few clicks of a mouse.

  • An administrator logs into AWS using the ParkMyCloud platform and creates a permissions-limited IAM role for our app.
  • The app then conducts a discovery of the business´s assets deployed on AWS and displays them across the single-view dashboard.
  • Non-production EC2 instances that are suitable for scheduling are highlighted by a clock icon (you can also schedule start/stop times for RDS instances).
  • The administrator clicks on the most suitable preconfigured schedule and applies it to the highlighted EC2 instances.
  • With a few more clicks of a mouse, administrators can create their own schedules, or apply an “Always Parked” schedule for a lower EC2 bill.

In addition to helping lower your cloud bill by automatically scheduling on/off times for non-production EC2 instances, ParkMyCloud identifies unused or underused helps increase governance of your cloud accounts. Administrators can identify unused zombie resources and underused or incorrectly-provisioned resources.

Once administrators have used this information to terminate resources no longer required and right-size incorrectly-provisioned resources, policies can be created to automatically monitor future activity on your business´s cloud accounts. This policies can be configured for many different use case scenarios – increasing accountability and contributing towards more accurate planning, forecasting and budgeting.

Cut Your EC2 Bill (and Your Azure Bill and Your Google Bill) with ParkMyCloud

If you are looking for cost-effective and long term solutions to cut your EC2 bill, your Azure bill and/or your Google Cloud bill, we invite you to take advantage of a free trial of ParkMyCloud. The trial consists of a fully-enabled version of our software, with access to features such as single sign-on using SSO / SAML 2.0, API access, and multi-cloud deployment.

At the end of the trial, we offer a choice of competitive subscription packages. Usually these pay for themselves within two months. During the trial, whatever money you save with ParkMyCloud is yours to keep. However, if you are still unsure about how ParkMyCloud can help you lower your cloud bill, you can continue using a feature-limited version of our software free of charge – indefinitely.

To find out more about this outstanding offer, or to ask any questions you have about scheduling software, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of Customer Support Representatives will be happy to answer your questions and guide you through the registration process to start your free trial. Alternatively, if you are ready to try the easiest and most cost-effective way to lower your cloud bill now, click “Start Free Trial Now” to start cutting your cloud costs bills within fifteen minutes.