The Ideal Solution to Lower Cloud Costs

There are plenty of solutions to lower cloud costs, but few are ideal. Even the most effective – switching off non-production instances when they are not required – is subject to human error if developers leave their development, testing and staging instances running overnight, or can fail to be cost-effective if the process involves reassigning developers from their core projects to write scheduling scripts.

Off-the-shelf software packages can automate the on-off process, but these are not always ideal. Often scheduling software is bundled up in cloud management packages that include multiple features you may never use. Although the cloud management packages may lower cloud costs, the cost of the cloud management packages can eliminate any savings if their extra features are of no value to you.

Why ParkMyCloud is the Ideal Solution

ParkMyCloud is the ideal solution to lower cloud costs as it automates the manual process of switching non-production instances on and off with the additional flexibility of being to create, amend and delete parking schedules with the click of a mouse. It is more cost-effective than assigning developers to write and maintain scheduling scripts and, as ParkMyCloud only lowers cloud costs, that is all you pay for.

The process of applying parking schedules is quick and easy. System administrators log into the business´s cloud account through ParkMyCloud´s management portal and create a permissions-limited IAM role for ParkMyCloud (or a dedicated credential if you use Microsoft Azure). Our app then conducts a discovery of the business´s cloud resources and displays them across a single-view dashboard.

Alongside each resource, ParkMyCloud will indicate if it is suitable for “parking”. System administrators can select all or some of the recommendations and apply preconfigured parking schedules to them or create new parking schedules via the intuitive GUI. Different parking schedules can be applied to different resources, after which the GUI displays the projected savings over the next thirty days for each.

How ParkMyCloud Copes with Irregular Working Patterns

A further issue with scheduling scripts and cloud management packages is that they can be inflexible if you development teams work irregular hours or move from project to project during the working day. You either have to spend time amending the schedules or lose valuable development time waiting for the schedules to switch the necessary instances back on. With ParkMyCloud, these issues do not exist.

ParkMyCloud has a preconfigured “permanently parked” schedule. When this schedule is applied to an instance or group of instances, it can be snoozed with the click of a mouse so that development teams can get to work straight away. You do not even have to worry about reactivating the schedule when the development teams have finished, as this happens automatically after a period of inactivity.

Typically, ParkMyCloud saves businesses almost 65% on the cost of deploying non-production instances and VMs in the cloud based on a parking schedule of 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Monday to Friday and at weekends. However, with the “permanently parked” schedule option, businesses can lower cloud costs by much more when circumstances allow – all with the click of a mouse.

Lower Cloud Costs and Keep Them Lowered

ParkMyCloud is not only an ideal solution to lower cloud costs, it is an ideal solution to keep them lowered. Maintaining lower cloud costs is achieved via the single-view dashboard on ParkMyCloud´s management portal that gives system administrators total visibility over the business´s resources and allows them to monitor resource activity in real time.

The dashboard gives system administrators the opportunity to identify overprovisioned resources that can be rightsized in order to further lower cloud costs, and to create logical groups of resources for easier management. Businesses running “blue-green deployment” schedules can also use ParkMyCloud to effectively toggle between the schedules and save money on production resources.

Any number of users, credentials or teams can be added to a ParkMyCloud Enterprise Package, and organized into teams with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to increase accountability. System administrators can also better govern the teams under their control by implementing Single Sign-On for Active Directory, G-Suite, Centrify, OneLogin or Ping.

Get Lower Cloud Costs with ParkMyCloud for Free

If you are looking for the ideal solution to lower cloud costs, you are invited to take advantage of a free trial of ParkMyCloud in order to experience its effectiveness at lowering cloud costs and keeping them lowered. Our trial consists of a fully-enabled “standard” package that supports up to five credentials, ten teams and twenty users, and lets you schedule on/off times for an unlimited number of resources.

Our standard package provides all the tools required to lower cloud costs across AWS, Azure and GCP, plus all the support tools needed to improve governance and keep control of your cloud costs. You get to keep all the money you save during your free trial and, at the end of the trial, we can offer you a choice of competitively-priced subscription options or continued use of a feature-limited version of ParkMyCloud for free.

To find out more about this opportunity, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about ParkMyCloud and how it can lower cloud costs in your specific circumstances. We will also guide you through the registration process to start your free trial and be on hand throughout the trial in case you experience any hiccups or issues lowering your cloud costs.