Lower Cloud Expenses Cost-Effectively

Because of the way in which cloud providers charge for their services – i.e. by the capacity you provision rather than the capacity you use – a good way to lower cloud expenses is to switch off instances and VMs when you are not using them. There are several ways of switching off non-essential resources; however some lack reliability or can save you less than you think.

Possibly the least reliable way to lower cloud expenses is to ask your development teams to switch off their non-essential resources when they are not using them. Teams working on multiple projects at the same time may well forget to switch some of their resources off and leave them running until the next time they come to use them – potentially weeks away.

Other solutions – such as reassigning development teams to write scheduling scripts – can save you less than you think because of the cost of employing developers to write and maintain the scripts, and the delays to project delivery. Paying for cloud management software to automate the scheduling process is only feasible if you are going to use all the features bundled in (and paid for) in the software package.

An alternative solution is ParkMyCloud. ParkMyCloud is a lightweight app businesses can use to lower cloud expenses cost-effectively; but, more than just the scheduling element of a cloud management software package, ParkMyCloud also increases governance of your cloud accounts and team accountability in order to ensure once you have lowered your cloud expenses, they stay lowered.

Using ParkMyCloud to Lower Cloud Expenses Cost-Effectively

ParkMyCloud can be used to lower cloud expenses cost-effectively if your business has deployed resources on AWS, Microsoft Azure and/or Google Cloud Engine. All administrators have to do is log into your cloud accounts via ParkMyCloud´s web-based management portal, create a permissions-limited credential for the app and allow it to conduct a discovery of your resources.

When the discovery processed is complete, all your resources are displayed on a single-view dashboard with recommendations alongside them about which are suitable for “parking” based on their names and tags. Administrators simply select those they wish to apply parking schedules to and assign one of the preconfigured parking schedules or create a new schedule to suit their specific needs.

Importantly, it is not necessary to apply the same parking schedule to all the selected resources. Indeed, in many cases that would create an impractical solution. However, if access to a resource is required while it is parked, the schedule can be interrupted with a click on the “snooze” button. The schedule reactivates automatically after a period of inactivity – just in case your development teams forget!

The snooze and automatic reactivation features are handy tools to have if your development teams work irregular hours or move from project to project. They mean you can apply a “permanently parked” schedule that switches the resources off except for when they are required and help maximize the amount by which you can lower cloud expenses for non-essential resources.

Once you have Lowered your Cloud Expenses, they Stay Lowered

For many businesses, scheduling on-off times for non-essential resources with ParkMyCloud is the most cost-effective way to reduce cloud expenses. However, once expenses have been lowered, it is important they stay lowered. For this reason ParkMyCloud has been developed to give administrators total visibility over the business´s cloud accounts.

With this total visibility, administrators are able to monitor activity in real time, identify unused or underused resources, and resources such as auto-scaling groups that could be better provisioned to further lower cloud expenses. Administrators also have a suite of reports at their fingertips to increase accountability and access to audit logs to review historic activity.

Tools such as Role-Based Access Controls and email alerts are also available to simplify governance of your cloud accounts, and one benefit not mentioned to date is that, with ParkMyCloud, you find out in advance how much you will save with each schedule rather than waiting until the end of the billing cycle – as with most cloud management software packages – to find out how much you have spent.

In summary, ParkMyCloud gives you the opportunity to quickly and easily lower cloud expenses across all three major cloud providers and gives you total visibility of your cloud accounts to stay in control of your cloud expenses. Would you like to know how much you could save by using ParkMyCloud? Well, why not take advantage of our free trial offer and find out.

An Opportunity to Try ParkMyCloud for Free

If you are looking at ways to lower cloud expenses and would like to take a free trial of ParkMyCloud, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team of helpful Customer Support representatives will discuss your requirements, answer any questions you have and talk you through the registration process to begin your free trial of our scheduling app.

Naturally, any money you save during the free trial is yours to keep and, if you subsequently decide to continue using ParkMyCloud to lower cloud expenses at the end of your trial, we offer a range of competitive subscription options that typically pay for themselves within two months. Alternatively we offer a feature-limited of our software you can continue to use for free. It doesn´t get much more cost-effective than free, so contact us today to find out more.