How to Better Manage a Cloud Bill

Being able to better manage a cloud bill can have more benefits than just being able to reduce costs. In addition to taking control of your cloud spend, you can increase accountability and prevent cloud costs spiraling out of control in the future. But, what is the best way to better manage a cloud bill?

Software solutions exist that can help with cloud bill management, but many of these solutions are expensive in relation to the cost reductions you can achieve because they contain multiple features you pay for but may never use. Even if they do help you save money on cloud costs, you may be locked into a long-term contract which – eventually – may not be the most cost-effective way to maximize savings.

Similarly, manual solutions to help better manage a cloud bill – such as reassigning developers to write scheduling scripts – are also unlikely to be cost-effective in the long term. Depending how much you pay your developers, the time it takes them to write and maintain the scheduling scripts can cost more than you save. Furthermore, scheduling scripts contribute nothing to better cloud bill management.

How to Reduce Cloud Costs with ParkMyCloud

ParkMyCloud helps business achieve better cloud bill management by first providing the tools to reduce cloud costs and then the governance system administrators need in order to maintain the savings. Less complicated than cloud management software systems, and more cost-effective than scheduling scripts, ParkMyCloud calculates in advance by how much you will reduce your cloud computing bill.

It does this by first conducting a discovery of your cloud resources via a permissions-limited role, and then making recommendations about which resources are suitable for “parking” (auto-scheduling). System administrators can choose from a selection of pre-configured parking schedules or apply schedules of their own with the click of a mouse.

As soon as the parking schedules are selected, the GUI displays the projected savings over the next thirty days. Typically, if a schedule is applied to park development, staging and testing instances for twelve hours a day and at weekends, a business will reduce the cost of deploying non-production instances in the cloud by 65%. So far, so good. But how does ParkMyCloud help with cloud bill management?

Better Cloud Bill Management with ParkMyCloud

ParkMyCloud helps businesses better manage a cloud bill by providing total visibility of all a business´s cloud-deployed resources across a single-view dashboard – even if they are deployed across multiple platforms and multiple service providers. This single-view enables improved governance and increased accountability. No longer will development teams be able to deploy resources unnoticed.

System administrators will be able to identify unused resources that can be terminated, or underused resources and auto-scaling groups that can be right-sized to optimize cloud spend. They can also create logical groups to be switched on/off together, and better manage “blue-green deployments” – saving money on production instances as well as non-production instances.

How this Works in Practice to Manage EC2 Bill Costs

Although ParkMyCloud supports Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, in this example we will explain how to manage EC2 bill costs with ParkMyCloud.

  • A user with administrator credentials logs into the business´s AWS account via the ParkMyCloud platform.
  • A permissions-limited IAM role is created for ParkMyCloud in order for it conduct a discovery of the business´s assets.
  • The assets are displayed across a single pane, with EC2 and RDS instances suitable for “parking” highlighted by a clock icon.
  • Users have a choice of applying a preconfigured schedule, creating a new schedule, or applying a “permanently parked” schedule.
  • Alongside each asset, there is also an icon redirecting users to a heat map displaying the average and peak use of each asset.
  • The heat maps identify which assets are suitable for re-provisioning, placing into an RI pricing plan, moving to a cheaper storage solution or terminating.
  • Once optimized, users can create policies to alert them to future over/under-provisioned resources and zombie assets in order to better manage EC2 bill costs.

The process for achieving better cloud bill management with ParkMyCloud may look complicated, but it is not. One of the primary factors we considered in the development of ParkMyCloud is, if it is too complicated to use, it will not be effective. But you do not have to take our word for ParkMyCloud´s ease of use. Take a free trial of our solution to better manage EC2 bill costs and see for yourself.

Manage Your Cloud Bill with ParkMyCloud for Free

If you are in a position in which you need to better manage your cloud bill, or you would like to see if better bill cloud management is possible in your business, you are invited to take a free trial of ParkMyCloud to see how much you can reduce your cloud costs by and what difference our solution makes to the management of your cloud accounts.

There are no contracts required nor obligation to continue using our app at the end of your trial. Simply allow ParkMyCloud to conduct a discovery of your accounts, accept its recommendations, and then monitor the activity on your accounts in real time via the single-view dashboard or review historic activity via the comprehensive reporting suite.

To find out more about our offer, do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly Customer Services team will be happy to answer any questions you have about auto-scheduling stop/start times for your resources and explain more about how ParkMyCloud provides you with an opportunity to better manage your cloud bill. Try ParkMyCloud today. It is free, and whatever you save during you free trial is yours to keep.