How to Better Manage a Google Cloud Platform Bill

If you are struggling to manage your Google Cloud Platform bill, there may likely be several factors contributing to your struggle. Often these factors consist of paying for assets that are not being used, paying too much for resources still being used, and paying for VM instances all the time – when they are being used just some of the time (typically “part-time assets” used for development, testing and staging).

Examples of these factors include unattached storage volumes (paying for assets not being used), over-provisioned resources (paying too much for resources still being used), and failing to switch off non-production VM instances at the end of the day (paying for part-time assets all the time when they are being used just some of the time). Without taking control of these factors, it is understandably difficult to manage a Google Cloud Platform bill.

How to Take Control and Better Manage a Google Cloud Platform Bill

The simplest way to take control and better manage a Google Cloud Platform bill is with ParkMyCloud. ParkMyCloud is a lightweight app that “discovers” a business´s online assets and allows administrators to view the business´s entire cloud IT infrastructure across a single-pane dashboard. With total visibility of the entire cloud IT infrastructure, administrators can identify unused assets and terminate them in order to immediately stop paying for assets that are not being used.

With regard to identifying and rightsizing over-provisioned resources, ParkMyCloud does most of the work for you by analyzing each resource´s utilization and making rightsizing recommendations that can be implemented or customized with the click of a mouse. ParkMyCloud will also recommend when resources should be placed in a more cost-efficient pricing plan in order to better manage a Google Cloud Platform bill (i.e. from On Demand to Committed Use).

Similarly, ParkMyCloud can make “SmartParking” recommendations about the best times to schedule VM instances to start and stop based on the utilization data. For many businesses this is a better solution than applying a preconfigured schedule (i.e. 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Monday to Friday) because there may be times in the day when non-production VM instances are not used so frequently and can be temporarily switched off – for example during weekly meetings or regular lunch breaks.

In the event your development teams work in shifts or in patterns that make scheduling start/stop times impractical, ParkMyCloud offers an “Always Parked” option. With this option, VM instances are permanently stopped until access to them is required, when the “Always Parked” option can be interrupted with the click of a mouse. The developer simply enters how long he or she intends working with the resource, and it returns to its parked state at the end of that time.

By How Much Can ParkMyCloud Reduce Google Cloud Platform Bills?

This will depend on the number of unused assets you are able to terminate, the number of resources that are over-provisioned, and the volume of non-production VM instances you use in development, testing and staging. It is worth pointing out that, after you have conducted the initial termination and reconfiguration process, ParkMyCloud continues to monitor usage and continues to make rightsizing recommendations to better help you manage your Google Cloud Platform bill.

Most businesses find that applying a 9.00 a.m. start to 5.00 p.m. finish schedule to non-production VM instances from Monday to Friday reduces development, testing and staging cloud costs by around 65 percent once sustained use discounts are taken into account. Depending on whether your business is able to take advantage of ParkMyCloud´s “SmartParking” recommendations or the “Always Parked” option, the savings could be far greater.

The way to find out exactly how much your business could reduce its Google Cloud Platform bill is to take advantage of our free trial offer. During the free trial offer you will have access to a fully-enabled version of ParkMyCloud with all the total visibility, rightsizing and SmartParking features mentioned above. Furthermore, as you apply schedules to your non-production VM instances, you will receive a notification of how much each schedule is projected to save you over the next three months.

If you are not yet ready to better manage your Google Cloud Platform bill and would like some further information first, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you have and will gladly organize a free demonstration of ParkMyCloud in action tailored to your specific needs. It only takes a few clicks of a mouse to get in touch with us, and just a few clicks more to better manage a Google Cloud Platform bill, so please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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