Offer Your Cloud Clients Easy, Automated Cost Optimization with ParkMyCloud

ParkMyCloud for Managed Service Providers

If you’re a managed service provider reselling public cloud resources, you need to keep adding value after your customers’ infrastructure is set up so you can stay relevant and engaged. One way to do this is through cost optimization. By helping your customers use the cloud efficiently, they’ll feel comfortable to grow their infrastructure through you and know that you have their best interest in mind.

ParkMyCloud’s automated cost optimization platform does all of this for you, saving your customers money on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud by rightsizing resources and scheduling them to turn off when not being used. You can use it to automatically save money for customers, increasing satisfaction and providing value after cloud migration is finished.

Add Value with Cloud Cost Optimization

  • Machine Learning. Resource scheduling and resizing based on recommendations leveraging resource utilization history.

  • Automate. A robust policy engine automates schedule and sizing actions based on end user tags, and adds resources and users to teams for simplified governance.

  • Save money for your customers by rightsizing and automatically scheduling cloud resources based on usage and idle time.
  • Multi-cloud and multi-account support reduces your time to value and your need for labor intensive and costly scripting.
  • Provide value and prove that you have your customers’ bottom line at the forefront.

ParkMyCloud is used by:

Bulletproof is an MSP based in Australia with more than 700 customers. Chief Cloud Officer Greg Cockburn said of ParkMyCloud:

“We had our first customer signed up a day after we got started. It’s so simple, it’s really really easy to get up and running and onboard our customers.”



Custom Scheduling

Choose and create on/off schedules based on your needs.

Utilization-Based Parking

Drive automated scheduling and resizing actions based on resource utilization history and/or resource names and tags.


Automatic or on-demand resizing of your resources based on utilization metrics to match your infrastructure needs.

Schedule Override

Temporarily override parking schedules if extended uptime is needed.

Operational Dashboard

Manage cloud resources across multiple credentials, accounts, regions and providers in a single view.

Policy Engine

Use policies to apply parking schedules and assign resources to user-limited teams.

Users & Teams

Govern user access and define permissions with role-based access controls.

Single Sign-On

Add users and create permissions using SSO with SAML 2.0, with support for Azure AD, Azure ADFS, Google Apps, Centrify, Okta, and more.


View, download, and email savings reports, organized by teams and credentials.


Any action you can take through the UI can also be taken through a documented API.


Control your resources and override schedules with Slack, Microsoft Teams bots and Google chat products.


Get configurable notifications of ParkMyCloud updates & activities via email, webhook or ChatOps.

Global Managed Service Providers Use ParkMyCloud

Here are a few examples of MSPs and partners achieving success with ParkMyCloud:

TecRacer Saves Customers Big Bucks Using ParkMyCloud’s AWS Automation Tool

“What I like about ParkMyCloud: it’s very easy,” said Sven Ramuschkat, managing director of TecRacer. “It’s a simple tool. It’s very sexy.”

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