“ Wonderful product, can’t recommend it highly enough. You make your money back in, like, a day. It’s really a no-brainer to use ParkMyCloud.”

TJ Victor, Systems Administrator,
Incentive Technology Group


Manage Your Resources, Easily

Manage AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and AliCloud resources across multiple resource types, accounts, regions and providers in a single, easy-to-use interface.


Eliminate Wasted Spend

Use a robust policy engine to automatically turn resources off when they’re not needed, saving an average of 65%.


Maximize Savings with
Machine Learning

Data-driven recommendations based on your actual resource utilization history save you the most money with no operational impact.

Why Choose ParkMyCloud?


A robust policy engine automates schedule and sizing actions based on utilization history and tags.

Save Money

Save an average of $12 for every dollar spent on ParkMyCloud.

Save Time

15-minute setup. Keep your team focused on creating value for your business.

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How You Will Save Money


Non-production cloud resources, such as those needed for development, testing, staging, and QA, are typically only needed during the workday. The other 65% of the week, they sit idle – even though you’re paying every second they’re running. ParkMyCloud’s “SmartParking” uses resource utilization history to automatically recommend on/off schedules for your resources to save money. Or create your own schedules & automatically assign them to resources based on names, tags, or teams.


40% of cloud instances are oversized – that is, they’re provisioned at a larger capacity than actually needed. That means you’re paying for capacity you’re rarely, or never, using. Just by reducing an instance by one size, you can reduce the cost by 50%. Downsizing two sizes saves 75%. ParkMyCloud’s “SmartSizing” uses resource utilization history to automatically recommend resources that are regularly underutilized and can therefore be resized for cost savings.

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A comprehensive 24 step guide to help you reduce your cloud waste and optimize spend!

How We Reduce Cloud Costs

When you spin up a cloud resource in a public cloud provider such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or Alibaba Cloud, it is always running unless you specifically turn it off. Many non-production resources - such as development, testing, and staging - are only needed during a forty-to-sixty-hour work week. This means that if these resources are left running 24x7, 65% or more of spend on them is wasted.

With ParkMyCloud, it is simple to reduce cloud costs. With ParkMyCloud’s powerful yet easy-to-use scheduling tool and policy engine, you can automatically schedule your servers to turn off when they are not needed, such as on nights and weekends. Use the policy engine to automatically assign schedules based on tags, or use ParkMyCloud’s “SmartParking” recommendations to turn resources off based on your usage patterns.

In addition to automated scheduling to reduce cloud costs, ParkMyCloud helps with role-based access and user governance. When you connect your AWS, Azure, GCP, or Alibaba Cloud account to ParkMyCloud, you will see all resources in a single-view dashboard. Create users in ParkMyCloud, or authenticate users via federated single sign-on (SSO). Organize your users with teams and role structures. You can even add users outside of the cloud end-user group - such as Finance - to provide access to ParkMyCloud’s spending and savings reporting.

ParkMyCloud is easy to set up, requiring just 10 minutes to set up an account - with no integrations or installations. Try it now with a 14-day free trial.