Optimize Cloud Costs the Cost-Efficient Way

In order to optimize cloud costs, it is not necessary to invest in expensive cloud management software that includes multiple features you may never use. Paying for something you may never use is hardly the best way to optimize any costs and, as most cloud management software only tells you how much you are spending after you have spent it, even the features you may use might not be of any benefit to you.

ParkMyCloud is different. It is a platform through which IT managers can schedule on/off times for resources deployed on Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2/RDS, and Google Compute Engine. As soon as each schedule is confirmed, ParkMyCloud projects how much you will save in advance – taking the guesswork out of cloud cost optimization and providing accurate data for future planning, budgeting and reporting.

In addition to saving cloud costs more cost-efficiently that writing scheduling scripts, ParkMyCloud provides IT managers with total visibility over their accounts in order to increase governance and accountability. With total visibility, IT managers can monitor deployment, identify unused or underused resources, and optimize cloud costs by seeing where savings can be maximized.

Scheduling On/Off Times with ParkMyCloud

Scheduling on/off times for cloud-deployed resources is simple when using ParkMyCloud – our software even tells you which resources are suitable for scheduling (“parking”). It does this by conducting a discovery of all a company´s accounts via a permissions-limited role, and making recommendations about which resources can be parked based on the names and tags assigned to them.

Typically these will be non-production instances and VMs used for development, staging and testing. Therefore, depending on the set up of the company, it can be more efficient for IT managers to delegate the scheduling process to individual developers or development teams. By delegating the scheduling process, individual developers and teams can set schedules that best suit their working patterns.

One of the advantages of ParkMyCloud is that you can “snooze” a parking schedule if access to a parked resource is required. To snooze a parking schedule, developers log into the ParkMyCloud platform, select which parking schedule(s) they want to interrupt and click “snooze”. Safeguards exist to restart parking schedules automatically after a period of inactivity in case developers forget to do it manually.

How Much Does Scheduling On/Off Times Save?

How much money each company can save by scheduling on/off times varies according to the number of resources suitable for parking and the schedules applied to them. As mentioned above, ParkMyCloud takes the guesswork out of cloud cost optimization by displaying the projected savings and the actual savings and giving IT managers the opportunity to adjust parking schedules to maximize savings.

However, by way of an example, if a company were to schedule its development, staging and testing instances and VMs to be parked between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. and at weekends, the company would save almost 65% of the cost of deploying these resources in the cloud – potentially more if longer parking schedules are applied and the schedules snoozed when access is required.

However, saving cloud costs and optimizing cloud costs is not the same thing. This is why ParkMyCloud includes features such as a single-view dashboard to provide total visibility. IT managers can also pull reports and audit logs by credential, by developer, by development team or by resource to increase accountability and further assist with planning, budgeting and reporting.

Optimize Cloud Costs for Free

There is no more cost-efficient way to optimize cloud costs than by doing it for free, and we are giving companies the opportunity to do just that when they take a free trial of ParkMyCloud. Our trial consists of free access to the ParkMyCloud platform from where you can schedule on/off times for an unlimited number of resources deployed on Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2/RDS, and Google Compute Engine.

Through the platform, its single-view dashboard and its reporting suite, you should be able to optimize cloud costs in no time at all. Then, at the end of the trial, if you wish to continue using the full version of ParkMyCloud, we have several competitive subscription options available that typically pay for themselves within two months. Alternatively, you can take advantage of a free version of our software, which will help you to continue saving cloud costs, but not necessarily optimize cloud costs.

To start your free trial, click on any “Try it Free” link. If you have any questions about ParkMyCloud, our free trial or ways to optimize cloud costs before starting the trial, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team of friendly and experienced Customer Service Representatives will be happy to answer your questions, explain more about ParkMyCloud´s features and guide you through the registration process so you can start optimizing your cloud costs today.