How to Optimize Cloud Spend with ParkMyCloud

Companies looking to optimize cloud spend should look no further than ParkMyCloud. ParkMyCloud is a lightweight SaaS platform with which system administrators can schedule stop and start times for non-production instances and VMs deployed on AWS, Google Compute Engine and Microsoft Azure.

By scheduling stop and start times for resources that would otherwise incur costs when they are not being used, companies can save up to 65% on the cost of deploying non-production instances and VMs in the cloud. However, cloud spend optimization is not only about saving money.

In order to optimize cloud spend, it is important companies have total visibility over their accounts in order to prevent the uncontrolled deployment of resources. ParkMyCloud does this too via a single-view dashboard that facilitates effective governance and increases the accountability of development teams.

How ParkMyCloud Saves Companies Money

ParkMyCloud is quick to set up and easy to use. A limited-permissions role is created for the platform, allowing it to conduct a discovery of the company´s cloud accounts. Once the discovery is completed, system administrators have vision over all the company´s cloud-deployed resources.

Alongside the resources, the software indicates which are suitable for scheduling (or “parking”) based on the names and tags assigned to them. System administrators decide which resources to schedule stop and start times for, and then either apply a preconfigured schedule or create one of their own.

As an alternative to the system administrator deciding the parking schedules, the scheduling process can be delegated to individual development teams or developers. Each can then select the parking times for the resources they are responsible for in order to best suit their working patterns.

How much does ParkMyCloud Save?

How much a company will save will depend on the number of resources they are able to schedule stop and start times for and the schedules assigned to them. Based on a schedule in which non-production resources are automatically switched off for twelve hours a day and at weekend, ParkMyCloud will save companies 65% on the cost of deploying non-production instances and VMs in the cloud.

Further savings can be achieved by permanently parking all non-production resources and pausing parking schedules when access to the resources is required. Schedules can be paused with just the click of a mouse, and safeguards are in place to restart the parking schedules after a period of inactivity – just in case developers forget to restart the schedules manually once access is no longer required.

The single-view dashboard takes the guesswork out of how much each schedule will save by displaying a projected savings figure alongside each resource once a schedule has been confirmed. As soon as the schedules are operational, a second figure indicates the actual savings that have been achieved. Administrators have the option to adjust schedules once operational in order to maximize savings.

How ParkMyCloud Helps Optimize Cloud Spend

In order to optimize cloud spend, it is essential to make best use of the resources you have and control future deployment. ParkMyCloud helps companies optimize cloud spend by enabling administrators to easily identify underused resources that can be reassigned to cheaper pricing options, and resources no longer used for development, staging and testing that can be terminated.

As well as having real time data available through the single-view dashboard, ParkMyCloud has a comprehensive reporting capabilities. Administrators can pull reports and audit logs by user, by team, by credential or by resource. The reports not only increase accountability, but can also help with the planning of future projects and accurately forecasting their budgets and capacity requirements.

Try Cloud Spend Optimization for Free

Companies looking to optimize cloud spend are invited to take advantage of a free trial of ParkMyCloud to evaluate its merits in their own environment. Our free trial consists of a fully-enabled version of our platform, allowing you to schedule stop and start times for an unlimited number of resources deployed across AWS, Google Compute Engine and Microsoft Azure, and achieve cloud spend optimization.

At the end of the trial, if you feel that ParkMyCloud has helped your company to optimize cloud spend, we offer a choice of pricing options depending on your specific requirements. Payback time for our most popular option is usually within two months. Whatever you choose, you get to keep whatever you save during the trial, so it is definitely worth giving ParkMyCloud a try.

If you like our software, but feel you are able to optimize cloud costs without it, we also offer a free version of ParkMyCloud you can use to continue scheduling stop and start times for your non-production instances and VMs. If you subsequently discover alternative methods of cloud spend optimization were not as successful as you thought they might be, you can always switch plans.

To find out more about ParkMyCloud and how it can help your company optimize cloud costs, do not hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, if you want to start cutting your cloud compute costs straightaway, click on any “Try it Free” link to register for your free trial of ParkMyCloud. Our team of Customer Support Representatives will still be able to help you if you find you have questions later on.