Pricing Plans

More than 1,000? No worries! There's no limit to the number of instances.

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Resource Scheduling

Best for: 

– 1 team

– 5 users

          – 1 cloud account             




$3 /instance


Scheduling + SmartParking

Best for: 

– Up to 10 teams

– Up to 20 users

   – Up to 10 cloud accounts       



$4 /instance


Scheduling + SmartParking + RightSizing

Best for: 

– Up to 20 teams

– Up to 40 users

   – Up to 20 cloud accounts      


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Best for:

– Unlimited Teams

– Unlimited Users

– Unlimited Cloud Accounts

– Volume Discounting


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ParkMyCloud’s “SmartParking” uses resource utilization history to automatically recommend on/off schedules for your resources to save money. 



ParkMyCloud’s “RightSizing” uses resource utilization history to automatically recommend resources that are regularly underutilized and can therefore be resized for cost savings.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I try ParkMyCloud before committing to a plan?

Yes. ParkMyCloud offers a 14-day free trial – no credit card required.

How do you count the number of instances in my account?
ParkMyCloud takes a snapshot of your number of instances on the first day of your billing cycle each month, which means you don’t need to worry about short-term fluctuations in your environment.
Is volume discounting available?
Yes, we offer volume discounting for our Enterprise tier. If you have a lot of instances and are considering the Standard or Pro tier, feel free to contact us for a quote.
I have another question!

No worries! For more cloud management questions, visit our FAQs page. If you still need help, contact our sales team for any product demo or quote or with any questions you may have.