ParkMyCloud for Public Sector

Secure Cost Optimization for AWS GovCloud (US) Resources

How it Saves:

  • Automate. Resource scheduling and resizing based on usage and/or tags.
  • Manage. Optimize AWS EC2 instances, Auto Scaling Groups, and databases.
  • Govern User Access. Add users with SSO and use RBAC to provide limited access based on roles.
  • Save Time. No scripting, no agents, and a 15-minute setup.
  • Save Money. Save an average of $12 for every dollar spent on ParkMyCloud.
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Secure Management:

  • Isolated Environment: ParkMyCloud for AWS GovCloud resides in a standalone ParkMyCloud deployment within AWS GovCloud.
  • Least-Privilege Access: Users connect ParkMyCloud to their AWS accounts via a Cross-Account IAM Role to access and display AWS resources. See the required AWS policy in our user guide.
  • No Agents: ParkMyCloud can only access and manage the state of a resource and its metadata – never the contents. We do not require you to install any agents to manage your cloud environment.

Key Features

Custom Scheduling

Choose and create on/off schedules based on your needs.

Utilization-Based Parking

Drive automated scheduling and resizing actions based on resource utilization history and/or resource names and tags.


Automatic or on-demand resizing of your resources based on utilization metrics to match your infrastructure needs.

Schedule Override

Temporarily override parking schedules to use resources outside of normal hours.

Operational Dashboard

Manage cloud resources across multiple credentials, accounts, regions and providers in a single view.

Policy Engine

Use policies to apply parking schedules and assign resources to user-limited teams.

Users & Teams

Govern user access and define permissions with role-based access controls.

Single Sign-On

Add and govern users using SSO from ADFS, AzureAD, Centrify, Okta, OneLogin, or Ping Identity.


View, download, and email savings reports, organized by teams and credentials.


Easily integrate ParkMyCloud into your CI/CD processes for continuous cost control.


Control your resources and override schedules with Slack and Microsoft Teams bots.


Get notified of ParkMyCloud updates & activities via email or in your collaboration tools.

Reduce Cloud Costs

Reduce cloud costs by up to 65% by scheduling on/off times for idle EC2, RDS, and auto scaling resources.

Find “parkable” resources through usage-based and tag-based recommendations. Park them manually or create automated parking rules with the policy engine.

Our customers save an average of $12 for every dollar spent on ParkMyCloud.

Save Time with Automation

ParkMyCloud automates your cloud cost optimization. Your development team will save time by not turning resources on and off manually, or writing and maintaining time consuming scripted solutions to do so.

ParkMyCloud’s policy engine does the work for you. Use policies to apply parking schedules and assign resources to user-limited teams based on tags, instance names, regions, and more. For example, create a “QA” team for all your QA users, and have any resource with the tag “QA” be assigned to the team.

Get started quickly – ParkMyCloud setup takes 15 minutes, with no scripting or agents required.

Increase scalability and control

Manage virtual machines, scale groups, and databases from multiple AWS accounts in a single ParkMyCloud account.

Govern user access and permissions using team structures and role-based access controls. Bring users in through Single Sign-On (SSO) or mass user upload.

Gain Visibility

See all your instances from multiple accounts, across all regions, instance types, and pricing options.

Reporting tracks spending and savings by team, credential, and more.

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