How to Reduce AWS Expenses with ParkMyCloud

ParkMyCloud is a lightweight SaaS app that helps businesses reduce AWS expenses by automating stop-start times for EC2 and RDS instances. It is a more cost-effective solution to reduce AWS expenses than reassigning developers to write and maintain scheduling scripts, and more reliable than asking developers to switch off their non-production instances when they are not required.

In addition to delivering savings of up to 65% on the cost of deploying non-production instances on AWS, ParkMyCloud provides total visibility of all a business´s cloud accounts. Due to the single dashboard view of accounts, credentials, teams and users, system administrators can increase the governance of the business´s cloud accounts and enforce accountability.

Getting Started and Using ParkMyCloud

The first step to reduce AWS expenses is to click on the “Try it Free” button above and create an account with ParkMyCloud. Once the account set up process is complete, you will be able to log into the ParkMyCloud platform and connect with your AWS account. You then create an IAM role for ParkMyCloud and allow our app to conduct a discovery of your instances deployed on AWS.

When the discovery is completed, the dashboard will display all your individual instances, RDS databases and auto-scaling groups, along with their type, location and cost. Alongside the list of resources, a calendar indicates which are suitable for scheduling (or “parking”). You can schedule stop-start times for the recommended resources individually or in groups, or assign the same schedule to all the resources.

The way to do this is to check the boxes alongside the resources you want to assign parking schedules to and then click on the “schedules” button in the left-hand navigation pane. A choice of preconfigured parking schedules already exists, or you can easily create a new schedule to suit your working practices. The whole process takes just a few minutes to complete and, as soon as each scheduled is assigned and saved, a figure is displayed on the dashboard indicating your projected savings over the next thirty days.

How ParkMyCloud Increases Governance and Accountability

Scheduling stop-start times for non-production instances is only one way in which ParkMyCloud helps businesses reduce AWS expenses. Our versatile app includes a number of features to help system administrators increase governance and accountability – these features being handily located in the left-hand navigation pane on the single view dashboard.

The most useful of these features for many businesses is the reporting features. Reports can be pulled by user, team or credential to see projected savings and actual savings over multiple time periods. This data helps system administrators identify underused resources that can be reassigned to a cheaper pricing point and compile accurate budgets or plan for future capacity requirements.

Users, teams and credentials can be created, edited or removed quickly and easily, and policies can be assigned to resources via the navigation pane to apply rules to parking schedules and who has the authority to interrupt – or “snooze” – the parking schedules. Audit logs also provide detailed information about who has used what resources and when – all of this information helping system administrators to reduce AWS expenses by the maximum amount possible.

Reduce AWS Expenses with ParkMyCloud Today

If you would like to reduce AWS expenses and increase governance of your cloud accounts, we invite you to try ParkMyCloud free for fourteen days. Simply click on the “Try it Free” button as explained above, or contact us with any questions you have about using ParkMyCloud to reduce AWS expenses – or reducing the cost of deploying resources in the cloud on MS Azure or Google Cloud Engine.

Our Customer Services Team will be delighted to explain the benefits of ParkMyCloud as they apply in your particular circumstances, and guide you through the process of setting up your account. If, at the end of your free trial, you are happy with the amount you have saved and would like to continue using ParkMyCloud to, we offer several pricing options that typically pay for themselves within two months.