How ParkMyCloud Helps Reduce Azure Expenses

ParkMyCloud is an uncomplicated app for automating start-stop times for non-production VMs that helps businesses reduce Azure expenses and keep them under control. More cost-effective than scheduling scrips and more reliable than a manual switching off process, ParkMyCloud gives system administrators total visibility over their cloud accounts in order to improve governance and accountability.

ParkMyCloud is not Azure management software. It simply saves businesses up to 65% on the cost of deploying non-production VMs on Azure, and helps businesses maintain the savings by providing the tools to help keep control of cloud spend. One of the best things about ParkMyCloud is that businesses get to try our scheduling software for free, and keep all the money they save during their free trial.

How to Reduce Azure Expenses for Free

To start your free trial, click on the “Try it Free” button at the top of the page. You have to complete a quick registration process, at the end of which you will be logged into ParkMyCloud. The first task that has to be completed is a discovery to establish the resources you have deployed on MS Azure. In order to do, you will need to create an Azure Limited Access Role for ParkMyCloud, give the role a name, and assign it a team and credential. It is assumed you have administrator access to your Azure account.

The discovery process takes a few minutes to complete depending on the number of resources you have deployed on MS Azure. Thereafter you will see a list of all your ungrouped Azure VMs across all subscriptions and across all locations, along with their cost. In order to reduce Azure expenses for free with ParkMyCloud, look across each line for a calendar icon. The calendar icon indicates the VM is suitable for scheduling (or “parking” as we call it).

Scheduling Start-Sop Times with ParkMyCloud

VMs can be assigned the same parking schedules or you can apply different parking schedules to individual VMs or logical groups of VMs. Simply check the boxes of the VMs you want to schedule start-stop times for, click on the “schedules” box in the left-hand navigation pane, and either select one of the preconfigured parking schedules, or create a new schedule using an intuitive day/time grid.

The “Always Parked – Snooze to Use” option allows you to keep a VM permanently parked until access to it is required, at which point you simply interrupt (“snooze”) the parking schedule with the click of a mouse. This is a good way to reduce Azure expenses to the minimum if a VM is infrequently used, if teams hop between projects, or if the teams that require access to the VM work irregular hours.

Total Visibility Enhances Governance and Accountability

ParkMyCloud has multiple features to enhance governance and accountability. The single view dashboard gives administrators total visibility over all their cloud accounts (including AWS and GCE), to monitor what schedules have been applied and identify unused or underused resources. The projected savings figures that appear alongside each schedule can also help reduce Azure expenses by conducting a comparison of the savings to see where expenses can be further reduced.

Via the dashboard, administrators can create users, teams, credentials and policies to apply to VMs in order to restrict how they are used. They also have access to audit logs and a comprehensive reporting suite which includes usage, costs and savings reports that can be exported as CSV or Excel files, or send to finance departments as a PDF. The depth of information and ease of access helps save time with future budget and capacity planning.

Reduce Azure Expenses with ParkMyCloud Today

There is no time like the present to reduce Azure expenses and, if you have any questions prior to starting your free trial of ParkMyCloud, you are invited to contact us and speak with one of our helpful Customer Services Team. Our team will be happy to answer your questions, explain how ParkMyCloud can help reduce Azure expenses in your particular environment, and guide you through the process to create your ParkMyCloud account to start your free trial.

Remember, all the money you save during your free trial is yours to keep and, if you would like to continue saving money on your cloud deployments when your free trial ends, we offer several competitive pricing tiers – including a free pricing tier – depending on the level of governance and support you require. Don´t miss out on your opportunity to reduce Azure expenses and keep expenses under control with ParkMyCloud. Start your free trial today.