The Many Different Ways to Reduce Cloud Expenses

The Internet is packed full of articles on how to reduce cloud expenses, with so-called “experts” advocating various solutions from paying up front in order to take advantage of prepayment discounts, to reassigning resources to cheaper types, regions and pricing plans. What the “experts” fail to consider is that any company with an ounce of business sense would have considered their “5 Tips to Reduce Cloud Expenses” before deploying resources in the cloud, and therefore their advice is meaningless.

What many experts also fail to consider is how much it will cost to reduce cloud expenses. For example, it appears to be common practice to advocate writing scheduling scripts to switch off non-production resources when they are not required. That may be a sensible tip for an “expert” trying to attract visitors to an affiliate website; but, if you are responsible for paying developers´ salaries or meeting project budgets, you may not agree this is the most cost-effective solution to reduce cloud expenses.

The Advantages of Scheduling Software

Scheduling software helps reduce cloud expenses by automating on/off times for non-production instances and VMs. It is almost like having scheduling scripts at your disposal, but at a fraction of the cost and with a greater degree of flexibility. Typically, on/off times can be applied to groups of instances and VMs with the click of a mouse – with controls in place to prevent essential resources being switched off by mistake – and the schedules can be adjusted just as easily when required.

Scheduling software not only helps reduce cloud expenses, but helps keep them reduced. Most scheduling software includes tools that enable system administrators to monitor activity on the company´s cloud accounts in order to increase accountability. These tools can consist of role-based access models, audit logs and automatic administrator notifications that help improve governance of the accounts to ensure cloud expenses are controlled.

ParkMyCloud´s Multi-Account Scheduling Software

ParkMyCloud is a lightweight app through which companies can reduce cloud expenses on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Our app helps reduce cloud expenses by first conducting a permissions-limited discovery of the company´s resources deployed in the cloud and then recommending which are suitable for scheduling (“parking”) based on tags assigned to them. System administrators accept the recommendations and apply the most appropriate schedule(s) to them.

ParkMyCloud also provides the option of applying an “Always Parked” schedule to non-production instances – i.e. permanently switch off. This schedule is beneficial for companies with development teams that work irregular hours or in irregular patterns as the schedule can be “snoozed” when required to allow access to the instances. The schedule automatically reactivates after a period of inactivity to ensure expenses are not needlessly incurred because of a developer´s lapse of memory.

Find Out in Advance How Much You Can Reduce Cloud Expenses

A further advantage of using ParkMyCloud to reduce cloud expenses is that you can find out in advance how much you will save. As each schedule is applied, ParkMyCloud´s UI displays a figure indicating the projected savings over the next thirty days. Once the schedules are activated, a second figure indicates how much each schedule has actually saved. System administrators can order reports showing the projected and actual savings by user, team or credential to help with budget and capacity planning.

This level of information is a mile detached from the “5 Tips to Reduce Cloud Expenses” typically strewn across the Internet. It is precise, it is reliable and it is cost-effective. Most companies implementing ParkMyCloud to reduce cloud expenses find our scheduling software pays for itself within two months, and an option exists to use ParkMyCloud´s scheduling software for free – not just for a trial period, but forever (although we give you the opportunity to try the full version for free so you can compare).

Try the Full Version of ParkMyCloud for Free

Our free trial of the full version of ParkMyCloud gives you the opportunity to reduce cloud expenses by quickly and easily scheduling on/off times for non-production instances, and maintaining the reduction in expenses through increased accountability and improved governance. During the free trial you will be able to schedule on/off times for up to 5 credentials, 10 teams or 20 users, take advantage of RDS database parking and live chat support.

If you subsequently decide you like ParkMyCloud, but don´t want to pay for it, you will still be able to reduce cloud expenses by scheduling on/off times, but for only 1 credential, 1 team or 5 users. You will also have to forgo multi-cloud support and the reporting and audit features that make ParkMyCloud so effective at maintaining cost savings once cloud expenses have been reduced. However, this is the most cost-effective way to reduce cloud expenses and the choice is yours.

To try the full version of ParkMyCloud for free, click any “Try it Free” button on this page. Alternatively, if you have any questions about our scheduling software, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of Customer Support representatives will be happy to answer your questions, guide you through the registration process for your free trial, and help you get the maximum benefit from ParkMyCloud.