Reduce Your EC2 Bill and Control Cloud Deployment

There are various ways in which it is possible to reduce an EC2 bill. You can reassign instances to cheaper regions or instance types, prepay for AWS Reserved Instances, tell your developers to switch off their development, staging and testing instances when they are not required, or reassign your developers to write scheduling scripts.

All of the above are viable short term measures you can take to reduce your EC2 bill, but none of them give you the control over your cloud deployment to make the short term savings permanent. Without having control of your EC2 bill, the likelihood is that in three, six or twelve months, you will be looking at other ways to reduce your EC2 bill.

What´s the Problem with the Short Term Measures?

There are multiple problems with taking short term measures to reduce your EC2 bill. The likelihood is you have already right-sized your instances to the most appropriate regions and types, so there is only a limited opportunity to reduce your EC2 bill using that method. There is also a likelihood that Amazon will further reduce its cloud compute prices in the future, meaning that any discounts currently available for prepayment could end up being a false economy.

With all due respect to developers´ memory skills, telling them to switch off their non-production instances when they are not required is hardly the most reliable way to reduce your EC2 bill, while reassigning developers to write and maintain scheduling scripts could cost more than it actually saves. Furthermore, unless you really on top of your cloud deployment, none of these short term measures helps you control your EC2 costs over the long term.

How to Reduce Your EC2 Bill and Control Cloud Deployment

The best way to reduce your EC2 bill and control cloud deployment is with ParkMyCloud – a lightweight SaaS platform that enables you to automate on/off schedules for your non-production AWS instances. ParkMyCloud not only helps you reduce your EC2 bill by switching off non-production instances when they are not required, but also gives you a single overview of all your AWS accounts (and Azure and GCE accounts) to improve governance and control your EC2 bill.

Using ParkMyCloud is simple. You simply create an AIM role for the software and allow it to conduct a discovery of your accounts. ParkMyCloud provides you with a list of all your deployed instances, and recommends which ones are suitable for automating on/off times (“parking”), based on the names and tags assigned to them. You can either create company-wide parking policies, or allow each team to create their own to suit their individual requirements.

As schedules are created, ParkMyCloud´s UI displays the projected savings over the next thirty days. Once the schedules are in operation, the actual amount saved by parking is also displayed. Administrators can access these figures via a series of customizable reports in order to monitor how much ParkMyCloud is saving and if further savings could be achieved. This feature increases accountability and enables you to take control of cloud deployment and control your EC2 bill.

How Much You Can Reduce Your EC2 Bill with ParkMyCloud

How much you can reduce your EC2 bill with ParkMyCloud will depend on the number of development, staging and testing instances deployed in the cloud, their region and type, and how long they are scheduled to be parked. If you were to apply a parking schedule to switch non-production instances off from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. and at weekends, you would reduce your EC2 bill for non-production instances by nearly 65%.

An alternative way to reduce your EC2 bill is to permanently park non-production instances and “snooze” the schedule when access to the instances is required. Safeguards exist to automatically restart the parking schedules after a period of inactivity – just in case your developers suffer a memory lapse – and this feature can help companies save far more than 65% on the cost of deploying EC2 instances on AWS.

Control Your EC2 Bill with ParkMyCloud for Free

In addition to the benefits of ParkMyCloud mentioned above, having control of your EC2 bill means that you can prevent random deployments, identify unused instances suitable for retirement and underused instances that could be placed into a different pricing structure. We feel that most companies would be able to control their EC2 bill permanently with ParkMyCloud, and we are giving you the opportunity to try our platform for free – and keep the money you save!

Our free trial consists of a fully enabled version of ParkMyCloud, with features such as single sign-on using SSO / SAML 2.0, API access, and multi-cloud deployment. Once the free trial has concluded, you have the option of continuing with the fully enabled version of ParkMyCloud by taking out a competitively-priced subscription, or switching to a free version of ParkMyCloud, which does not have so many functions, but can still help you control your EC2 bill.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, simply click any “Try it Free” button on this page. You will be able to start your free trial straight away, with no credit card required, no contracts to sign and no commitment to continue using ParkMyCloud when the free trial period has expired. If you have any questions before starting your free trial, do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable Customer Support team.