How to Reduce Your Google Cloud Platform Bill Easily

It is not unusual for companies to reach a stage in their “Google cloud awareness journey” when the priority changes from enthusiastically deploying resources to finding ways to reduce their Google Cloud Platform bill. If it is not happened in your company yet, it may just be a matter of time.

Enthusiastic deployment is commonplace, but – when there is also a lack of IT governance – costs can escalate out of control quickly. When this happens, future budget planning is unreliable and companies with a preset spending limit may also find access to their resources is unavailable.

Different methods exist to reduce a Google Cloud Platform bill. Companies can reassign non-essential resources, take advantage of Google´s Sustained Use Discounts, or ask developers to switch their non-production resources off when they do not need them. The most cost-effective method is to schedule stop/start times – but not by writing scheduling scripts.

Why Scheduling Scripts Will Not Reduce Your Bill Effectively

Writing and maintaining scheduling scripts for non-production resources takes time and, unless you only have a few non-production resources deployed on the Google Cloud Platform that can all be stopped and restarted at the same time, the cost of writing the scheduling scripts in terms of developer hours will likely be more than how much the process saves.

Reassigning developers to write and maintain scheduling scripts may not only be relatively expensive, but it can also delay the delivery of core projects and may not even be an effective way to reduce your Google Cloud Platform bill in the long term. Scheduling scripts do not provide the governance you may need to prevent the continued enthusiastic deployment of resources.

By comparison, scheduling software is relatively inexpensive, is simple to use and has low maintenance overheads. It can reduce the cost of deploying non-production resources on Google´s Cloud Platform by up to 65%, plus provide total visibility of all your Google accounts in order to increase governance, better manage your Google resources, and deliver indirect savings through increased accountability.

Scheduling Software for Google Resources from ParkMyCloud

Our scheduling software for Google resources consists of a lightweight SaaS platform through which system administrators log into the company´s Google account, create a permissions-limited role for the app, and allow it to conduct a discover of the company´s account. Once the discovery is completed, the platform displays all the company´s deployed resources.

On the display, recommendations are made about which resources are suitable for scheduling (or “parking” as we call it) based on their names and tags. Administrators can apply company-wide parking policies for the resources, or allow each team to create their own parking schedules. The process for scheduling is simple and takes just minutes to complete.

As soon as the parking schedules are confirmed, a figure indicating your projected savings over the next thirty days is displayed on the platform. The schedules can be amended as necessary – by individual resource if required – and, once the parking schedules are operational, a second figure indicating the actual cost reduction is also displayed.

Maximizing Savings with Improved IT Governance

The single view display of the company´s accounts provides multiple opportunities to maximize savings. Administrators will be able to identify unused or underused resources, the parking schedules applied by each team, user or credential – thus increasing accountability – and whether or not further savings can be made by adjusting the parking schedules or permanently parking the resources.

In most companies, developers only need access to their development, staging and testing resources during the standard working day. If your company´s working day is from 8:00 in the morning to 8:00 in the evening – Monday to Friday – you are paying for 108 hours of compute power per week per instance when your non-production Google instances are sitting idle.

By scheduling the non-production resources to be parked when they are not required, you will reduce your Google Cloud Platform bill for these instances by almost 65%. Alternatively, if you permanently park the resources, and “snooze” the parking schedule when access to them is required, you could reduce your Google Cloud Platform bill by much more.

Reduce Your Google Cloud Platform Bill with ParkMyCloud for Free

Whether or not your company has reached the stage in its “Google cloud awareness journey” where it is looking for ways to reduce its Google Cloud Platform bill, you are invited to take advantage of a free trial of ParkMyCloud. Our offer gives you the opportunity to evaluate ParkMyCloud in your own environment to see by how much you could reduce your Google Cloud Platform bill

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