The Best Option to Reduce Google Compute Engine Costs

People have different ideas about the best way to reduce Google Compute Engine costs. Some suggest paying in advance to benefit from Sustained Use Discounts. Others recommend assigning non-essential instances to preemptive off-peak pricing plans. Both of these are good ideas, but most companies will have thought of them when first deploying instances on GCE and so there is not a great deal to save.

Once these two options are exhausted, secondary options to reduce Google Compute Engine costs include asking developers to manually switch off their development, staging and testing instances when they are not using them, or reassigning developers to write scheduling scripts to automate the on/off process for non-production GCE instances. Neither of these options are flawless.

The problem with asking developers to manually switch off their development staging and testing instances is that developers have a lot to think about. Remembering to switch off their non-production instances may be one thing too many to think about. Reassigning developers to write scheduling scripts may not necessarily be cost-effective. Although it may be a straightforward solution to reduce Google Compute Engine costs, it could cost more to write and maintain the scripts than they will actually save.

For these reasons, the best option to reduce Google Compute Engine costs is scheduling software. Scheduling software not only automates the on/off process for non-production instances, but it also improves governance of your Google account. With complete visibility over the instances deployed on GCE, IT managers can monitor what schedules have been applied, hold teams accountable for their deployment of additional instances, and identify where further savings can be made.

How Scheduling Software from ParkMyCloud Works

In order to reduce Google Compute Engine costs with ParkMyCloud, account managers first create a limited-permissions role for our scheduling software. The software then conducts a discovery of the company´s instances and makes recommendations about which are suitable for scheduling (or “parking” as we refer to it) based on their names and the tags assigned to them.

Account managers have the option of accepting the recommendations or choosing which instances to park manually. There is a selection of pre-configured parking schedules to choose from (i.e. outside the hours of 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. Monday to Friday), or they can easily create their own parking schedules. The option also exists to designate the scheduling process to individual development teams.

The instances suitable for parking do not have to have the same parking schedules. Different parking schedules can be selected for individual instances – or for individual groups of instances – with the click of a mouse. If access to a stopped instance is required while it is parked, the schedule can be “snoozed” with another click of a mouse. Safeguards exist to restart the parking schedule automatically in the event that developers forget to restart the schedule manually once access is no longer required.

How Much can ParkMyCloud Reduce Google Compute Engine Costs?

The amount of money you can save by using ParkMyCloud varies according to the parking schedules you select. Based on the pre-configured parking schedule given as an example above, companies would save almost 65% on the cost of deploying non-production GCE instances on Google´s Cloud Platform. However, the savings can be significantly higher if all non-production instances are permanently parked, and the parking schedules snoozed when access if required by development teams.

To make it easier to establish how much ParkMyCloud can reduce Google Compute Engine costs, we have included a handy tool in the software that, when the parking schedules have been confirmed, projects how much will be saved over the next thirty days. Once the schedules are activated (i.e. on Day 2), a second tool displays the actual savings. These figures can be included in automated reports in order to help account managers identify where further savings could be made.

ParkMyCloud´s scheduling software includes many useful tools of this nature. Policy engines and role-based access controls are just some of the helpful features you will find on our software. Fully-enabled versions of ParkMyCloud also include API access, audit logs, multi-cloud support (for GCE, AWS and Azure) and Secure Single Sign-On via SAML 2.0. Typically, ParkMyCloud pays for itself within two months, but before you try out a premium subscription, why not try ParkMyCloud for free?

How to Request a Free Trial of ParkMyCloud

If you would like a free trial of ParkMyCloud, simply click any “Try it Free” button on this page to start a fourteen-day trial of our scheduling software. The trial consists of access to a fully-enabled version of ParkMyCloud in order that you can evaluate the full range of features and determine which level of access and governance would best for you. There are no credit cards required nor contracts to sign, and whatever you save throughout your free trial is yours to keep.

Once the trial has finished, you can choose from a number of competitively-priced subscription packages that vary according to the number of teams, users or credentials that will be taking advantage of our software to reduce Google Compute Engine costs. Other pricing factors include the features and level of support you require to maximize the benefit of ParkMyCloud. A free, feature-limited option also exists for small enterprises with few reporting requirements.

If you have any questions about the free trial of ParkMyCloud, or about how our scheduling software can help you reduce Google Compute Engine costs, do not hesitate to get in touch with our industry-leading customer support team. ParkMyCloud has helped hundreds of companies around the world reduce Google Compute Engine costs. Isn´t it about time you started reducing your GCE costs too?

  • There are many different ways to reduce Google Compute Engine costs.
  • Unfortunately, many are not cost-effective or fail to deliver long-term savings.
  • ParkMyCloud provides a simple and reliable way to reduce cloud costs.
  • Our lightweight app evens tells you which resources are suitable for scheduling.
  • Keep on top of your accounts with total visibility and maintain your cost reduction.