Let Us Optimize Your AWS Reserved Instances

  • Save More with Continuous Optimization – we will continuously buy, sell, modify, and monitor your RI Fleet 24/7 to maximize your savings.
  • Eliminate Manual Effort – We do the hard work for you, saving you from making hundreds of individual decisions a month and freeing up your team’s time to grow your business.
  • Get Immediate Results – We use big data analytics to analyze thousands of data points and develop a customized AWS Reserved Instances strategy, just for you.

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"With StratCloud, our interests are aligned so I trust them to maximize our saving and crucially I don't need to spend time or engineering resources on Reserved Instances"

Jason Turim
VP Engineering at Signal Vine

"Our savings doubled by using StratCloud and more importantly, our RI waste as virtually eliminated, all while freeing up valuable time for our cloud team to focus on growing the business"

Emillio Lizarraga
VP of IT at SkyBOX.net

"Great Results - it clearly makes the relationship a no-brainer for us"

Dan Najjum
VP of Finance at Signal Vine