Ways to Save Google Cloud Platform Costs

Companies often reach a stage where it becomes necessary to save Google Cloud Platform costs and, although there are multiple ways to achieve this on a temporary level, maintaining a cost reduction in the long term can be problematic.

The reasons why many companies fail to save Google Cloud Platform costs in the long term are varied but typically boil down to a lack of governance. For example, companies can reassign non-essential instances to Google´s preemptible pricing plan or take advantage of Sustained Use Discounts. However, all the time developers continue to enthusiastically deploy instances on Google´s cloud platform, there is no control over costs – which can escalate quickly in a very short space of time.

Alternative solutions – such as having developers write scheduling scripts – may save Google Cloud Platform costs, but at what price? The cost of reassigning developers away from their core projects could be more than the scheduling scripts save. It will delay the delivery of core projects, and may not turn out to be a long term way to save Google Cloud Platform costs without appropriate governance.

The ParkMyCloud Way to Save Google Cloud Platform Costs

The ParkMyCloud way to save Google Cloud Platform costs is through our scheduling software. Although the mindset of some IT professionals may be “We can build, so why buy”, ParkMyCloud´s scheduling software is the most reliable and cost-effective way to save Google Cloud Platform costs – and the additional governance provided by our software ensures the cost reductions are long term.

ParkMyCloud not only automates the process of switching non-production Google instances off and on, it also helps system administrators determine which instances are suitable for “parking”. It does this by conducting a discovery of the company´s accounts and making recommendations based on the names and tags assigned to the instances. Administrators can then choose from a preconfigured selection of parking schedules, or delegate the scheduling to the developers responsible for the instances.

Whichever way is used to assign the parking schedules, as soon as each schedule is confirmed ParkMyCloud´s UI displays a figure indicating by how much the schedule will save Google Cloud Platform costs over the next thirty days. When the parking schedules are running, a second figure is displayed, indicating the actual savings to date.

Both the figures and the parking schedules to which they apply can be accessed by system administrators via the ParkMyCloud single-view dashboard or a comprehensive suite of reports. System administrators can adjust the schedules in order to maximize cost savings and use the reports to identify unused or underused resources that can either be terminated or assigned to a cheaper pricing option.

Save up to 65% of Google Cloud Platform Costs with ParkMyCloud

The amount by which companies will reduce their Google Cloud Platform costs will naturally vary according to the balance between production instances and non-production instances and the schedules assigned. Based on a parking schedule of 8:00 in the evening until 8:00 in the morning – Monday to Friday – and permanently parked during the weekends, a company would save almost 65% on the cost of deploying non-production instances on Google´s Cloud platform.

That is not an insignificant saving, and it could be greater using ParkMyCloud´s “snooze” function. The snooze function was initially designed so developers who wanted access to parked instances could revive the instances from their parked state with the click of a button. We also added an auto-restart function, just in case developers forgot to restart the parking schedule when access to the non-production instance was no longer required.

However, the snooze function also offers the option of permanently parking non-production instances and snoozing the schedule when access is required – I.e. the instances are permanently switch off until they are needed. This is an ideal cost-saving feature of ParkMyCloud for companies who only require periodic access to certain non-production instances, as it provides instant access while maximizing the amount by which companies can save Google Cloud Platform costs.

Maximize Your Cloud Cost Savings with ParkMyCloud for Free

If your company has reached the stage where it is necessary to save Google Cloud Platform costs, we invite you to take a free trial of ParkMyCloud in order to see how easy it is to maintain a cost reduction in the long term. Our offer gives you the opportunity to evaluate our scheduling software in your own environment for fourteen days, and whatever costs you save during the trial period are yours to keep!

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, simply click any “Try it Free” button. No credit card is required, nor are there any contracts to sign and you will not be under any obligation to continue using our scheduling software at the end of your free trial. If you have any questions about ParkMyCloud before starting your free trial, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team.

At the end of the trial period, if you believe ParkMyCloud provides you with the governance you need to control your Google Cloud Platform costs, various subscription options exist depending on the volume of users, teams and credentials you have, and whether you want multi-platform support to save AWS EC2 costs and Microsoft Azure costs as well. We also provide a free-to-use version of ParkMyCloud which will help you save Google Cloud Platform costs, but not with the same level of governance.