Save Money on Cloud Costs with ParkMyCloud

If you deploy resources on AWS, MS Azure or GCE, there will come a time when you will need to know how to save money on cloud costs – effectively. Many suggested methods to save money on cloud costs are short term fixes with no long term remedy, or – in the case of assigning developers to write scheduling scripts – could cost more money than you can potentially save.

Possibly the least effective method to save money on cloud costs is to invest in cloud management software. Unless you have a use for every feature of the software package, you will be paying for technology you will never use. A better solution is to implement software to schedule down times for non-production instances. It´s easy, it´s quick, and it´s effective.

The Effective Solution from ParkMyCloud

ParkMyCloud is a lightweight tool for scheduling down times for non-production instances deployed on AWS, MS Azure and GCE. Most development teams only require access to their non-production instances for a maximum of 60 hours each week; so, for the remaining 108 hours each week, they are sitting idle but companies are still paying for the compute resources reserved for them.

What ParkMyCloud does is conduct a discovery of all a company´s accounts via a limited-permissions role. It identifies which instances are suitable for “parking” – allowing system managers to select down times for some or all of the company´s non-production instances. Alternatively, the task of scheduling down times can be delegated to each individual development team.

Once the parking/down time schedules have been confirmed, the ParkMyCloud UI displays the projected saving for each schedule so that system managers can see how much each schedule is saving and whether it is possible to further save money on cloud costs by adjusting the schedules. Once the schedules are operational, system managers can also see how much has been saved.

How Much Can ParkMyCloud Save?

How much each company saves on cloud costs by using ParkMyCloud varies according to proportion of non-production instances deployed in the cloud and the parking schedules assigned to them. Using the benchmark that development teams only require access to their non-production instances for a maximum of 60 hours out of 168 hours each week, it would imply that ParkMyCloud can save almost 65% on the cost of deploying non-production instances on AWS, MS Azure or GCE.

However, it is possible to make greater savings. ParkMyCloud has a feature that allows developers to suspend a parking schedule whenever they need access to a parked instance. The “snooze” feature works with the click of a mouse and has safeguards in place to return the instance to its parked state after a period of inactivity just in case developers forget.

The snooze feature also allows system managers to set permanently parked schedules for selected instances. Developers can still access the parked instances whenever they need to and, although this feature may only be suitable for companies whose developers require periodic access to certain non-production instances, it can be used to substantially increase the amount by which companies can save money on cloud costs.

What Makes ParkMyCloud so Effective?

What makes ParkMyCloud so effective is its single view dashboard. The dashboard provides total visibility over a company´s cloud deployment so system managers can hold development teams accountable for the resources they use and how they use them. This ensures the cloud cost savings achieved with ParkMyCloud are maintained.

By being able to save money on cloud costs, and have a degree of certainty that the savings will be maintained, system managers have more accurate data for budgeting, future capacity planning and reporting. System managers can also use the single view dashboard to identify unused and underused resources that can be terminated or reassigned – saving further cloud costs.

Save Money on Cloud Costs for Free

If you deploy resources on AWS, MS Azure or GCE, and you would like to know how to save money on cloud costs effectively, we invite you to take a free trial of ParkMyCloud to experience its ease of use, the speed at which parking schedules can be assigned, and its effectiveness. There is no installation or integration with existing tools required to start your trial, just click any “Try it Free” button to start your trial today.

During your free trial of ParkMyCloud, you will have the opportunity to review all your company´s cloud accounts, experiment with different parking schedules and try out the permanently parked schedule. At the end of the trial, you will be invited to subscribe to a competitively-priced premium service or you have the option to continue using a feature-limited version of ParkMyCloud. Whatever you decide, all the money you save on cloud costs during the free trail is yours to keep.

If you have any questions about ParkMyCloud, or you would like to know more about our scheduling software before starting your free trial, do not hesitate to speak with our Customer Support Team.  Our team will be happy to answer your questions and explain more about how ParkMyCloud can save money on cloud costs in your particular circumstances. Once you have all your questions answered, you can start your free trial to see how much you can save money on cloud costs for free.