Save Money on GCP with ParkMyCloud

When you are trying to save money on GCP, the uncontrolled deployment of resources on Google´s Cloud Platform can seriously hinder your efforts. Any savings you make are eliminated, and costs continue to rise. This is true of any attempts you make to save money on GCP – whether it is reassigning your resources to cheaper pricing plans or reassigning your developers to create scheduling scripts. Without governance and accountability, any savings you make will only be temporary.

There are various solutions available to manage cloud deployment and increase accountability, but many are software bundles with features you will pay for, but maybe never use. Paying for something you may never use is not the best way to save money on GCP, so we have developed ParkMyCloud – a lightweight SaaS platform for scheduling on/off times for non-production instances deployed on Google Cloud Platform, AWS and Microsoft Azure.

ParkMyCloud only schedules on/off times. Nothing else. However, because of the way in which the scheduling process has been developed, system administrators have total visibility of a company´s accounts. This visibility – and a comprehensive reporting suite – provides the governance system administrators need to effectively manage cloud deployment and increases the accountability of development teams so the deployment of resources is controlled.

How ParkMyCloud Can Save Money on GCP

To save money on GCP, administrators first create a permissions-limited role for ParkMyCloud. The software performs a discovery of your cloud accounts and displays your deployed resources on a single-view dashboard. The resources appropriate for scheduling are highlighted, and typically include development, staging and testing instances and other non-production resources.

System administrators can choose to schedule on/off times for all the highlighted resources, groups of resources or individual resources. They also have the choice of applying a company-wide schedule to each resource to be “parked” or delegating the scheduling process to each development team. To help with the scheduling process, a selection of preconfigured parking schedules already exists.

How Much ParkMyCloud Can Save Money on GCP

If the selection of preconfigured parking schedules does not match development teams´ working patterns, it is easy to create new schedules via an intuitive grid. All parking schedules can be paused with the click of a mouse if access to a stopped instance is required at any time. The pause feature has safeguards in place to restart the parking schedules if developers forget to.

How much money companies will save by scheduling start/stop times for non-production resources will depend on the schedules applied. For example, a schedule that stops all non-production instances outside the midweek working hours of 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. will reduce the cost of deploying non-production instances on Google Cloud Platform by 65%.

How ParkMyCloud Increases Governance and Accountability

Being able to save money on GCP is the easy part. Being able to maintain those savings requires governance and accountability. ParkMyCloud provides governance via the single-view dashboard mentioned above and enables system administrators to pull reports detailing costs by instance, costs by team, costs by credential and a roster of team members by team and by role.

These reports not only show the cost of deploying instances on Google Cloud Platform, but also how much each schedule is saving. System administrators can adjust the schedules to maximize savings and use the reports to identify underused or unused resources that can be reassigned or terminated. The detail in the reports provides the data needed for accurate planning, budgeting and reporting.

Try ParkMyCloud for Free and See How Much You Can Save

If the uncontrolled deployment of resources on Google Cloud Platform is hindering your efforts to save money on GCP, try ParkMyCloud for free and see how our platform increases governance and accountability in order to keep deployment under control. To start a free trial of our scheduling software, click any “Try it Free” button and tell us a few things about yourself and your company.

Our free trial includes access to a fully-functional version of our platform software, capable of supporting an unlimited number of instances, five credentials, ten teams and twenty users. You can also use ParkMyCloud during the trial to schedule on/off times for instances deployed on MS Azure and AWS (including RDS instances).

Whatever money you save during your free trial you can keep and, at the end of the trial, the options exist of subscribing to one of our competitively-priced pricing plans (with a typical payback time less than two months) or continuing to use a feature-limited version of ParkMyCloud for free. The free version of ParkMyCloud will help you save money on GCP but you may prefer to subscribe to an option that gives you the governance and accountability you need in order to maintain your savings.

Try it and see.