How to Spend Less on AWS

Finding suggestions on how you can spend less on AWS is not difficult – finding effective ways is. The issue many businesses encounter when trying to find effective ways to spend less on AWS is that most of the suggestions are not necessarily appropriate for their circumstances, or they have tried the suggestions before and only achieved short-term savings.

Let´s take Reserved Instances as an example. Not every business knows in advance what its capacity requirements will be in three years to take advantage of Reserved Instances. Indeed, if Amazon´s prices fall by as much over the next three years as they have done in the past three years, taking advantage of a Reserved Instances discount could be an expensive mistake.

Other suggestions include reassigning instances to different zones or pricing plans, and switching off non-production instances when they are not required. We believe most businesses will have optimized the zones and plans when first deploying their AWS instances. The suggestion about switching off non-production instances makes sense, provided you do it in a reliable and cost-effective manner.

Switching Off Non-Production Instances

The key to reliably and cost-effectively switching off non-production instances is remembering that you are doing it to spend less on AWS. Asking your developers to switch off their development, staging and testing instances when they have finished using them is not the most reliable way to spend less on AWS, and reassigning developers to write scheduling scripts could cost more than you save.

A more reliable and cost-effective way to spend less on AWS is to use off-the-shelf software to automate the scheduling process. Off-the-shelf scheduling software such as ParkMyCloud never forgets to switch off unused instances, and typically pays for itself with two months – making it less expensive than the salaries of developers writing and maintaining scheduling scripts.

There are further advantages of using ParkMyCloud beyond scheduling start/stop times for RDS and EC2 instances. During the scheduling process, ParkMyCloud gives system administrators total visibility over their accounts, enabling them to identify resources that can be terminated or reassigned. This feature further helps business´s spend less on AWS and increases the accountability of development teams.

How to Spend Less on AWS with ParkMyCloud

ParkMyCloud is a SaaS app that enables system administrators to assign “parking” schedules to non-production RDS and EC2 instances with the click of a mouse. The app is simple to use, helps you select which non-production instances are suitable for parking and even tells you in advance how much you will save, so you can adjust your schedules if you wish to maximize the cost reduction.

In order to spend less on AWS with ParkMyCloud, system administrators create a role for the app with limited permissions and allow it to “discover” the instances deployed on AWS (you can also use ParkMyCloud to spend less on Azure and Google Cloud Compute). Once it has completed its search, the app´s UI displays a full list of instances with recommendations about which are suitable for parking.

System managers can accept the recommendations and apply a parking schedule to them from a choice of preconfigured schedules, or create their own parking schedules. Different schedules can be applied to different instances, and it is possible to create logical groups of RDS and EC2 instances and synchronize their start/stop times. The scheduling process can also be delegated to individual development teams.

Know in Advance How Much You Will Save

When parking schedules are assigned to instances, ParkMyCloud instantly projects how much each parking schedule will save over the next thirty days. The app also displays actual savings once the parking schedules are activated. These figures are available to system administrators via various reports to help with accurate budgeting, while audit logs increase the accountability of development teams.

Most businesses should save up to 65% on the cost of deploying non-production instances on AWS based on a parking schedule of 8.00 p.m. to 8.00 a.m. Monday to Friday and all day at weekends. However, it is possible to spend less on AWS by using the “snooze” feature – a feature designed to allow developers access to parked instances during scheduled stop times.

The snooze feature interrupts the parking schedule and restarts it again after a period of inactivity. In theory, it is possible to permanently park non-production instances and simply snooze their schedules when access to them is required. This is an ideal way to maximize AWS savings when development teams work irregular hours or switch from project to project.

Typical Parking Schedules and their Equivalent Savings
Working WeekStartStopSaving
Monday-Friday9.00 a.m.6.00 p.m.73%
Monday-Friday8.00 a.m.8.00 p.m.64%
Monday-Friday7.00 a.m.10.00 p.m.55%
Monday-Saturday9.00 a.m.6.00 p.m.68%
Monday-Saturday8.00 a.m.8.00 p.m.57%
Monday-Saturday7.00 a.m.10.00 p.m.46%

Your Invitation to a Free Trial of ParkMyCloud

If you are looking for suggestions on how you can spend less on AWS, and would like to try a reliable and cost-effective solution, see how much you could save with scheduling software by taking advantage of a free trial of ParkMyCloud. Our trial includes all the tools you will need to maximize savings, get total visibility of all your cloud accounts and increase the accountability of your development teams.

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At the end of the trial, we offer a choice of competitive pricing options – including a free option. Our free option is not as feature-rich as the fully-enabled version of ParkMyCloud, but it will help you spend less on AWS. To find out more, contact us today. Remember, it costs nothing to take advantage of our free trial offer, and all the money you save during the trial is yours to keep!

  • Not all suggestions on how you can spend less on AWS are cost-effective in the long term.
  • ParkMyCloud offers a reliable and permanent solution for reducing AWS costs.
  • Parking schedules can be applied with the click of a mouse and interrupted when necessary.
  • Our single-view dashboard assists with account governance and helps enforce accountability.
  • Experience the benefits of ParkMyCloud by taking a free trial and spend less on AWS within 15 minutes.