Spend Less on Azure the Easy Way

Some of the suggestions you see about how to spend less on Azure are not particularly helpful. Suggesting that a business should review its entire portfolio of VMs deployed on Microsoft´s cloud compute platform to find cost savings can be insulting – especially when you have already made a considerable effort to deploy the right type of VMs in the most appropriate pricing plan.

Stopping non-production VMs when they are not being used – such as those used for development, testing and staging – is a far more helpful suggestion, but it is not always backed up with the best ways to spend less on Azure. Developers can forget to switch off their VMs when they have finished using them, while reassigning (well-paid) developers to write scheduling scripts can result in a false economy.

Why Not Park Non-Production Instances Instead?

The best way to stop non-production VMs when they are not being used is to “park” them with software that schedules stop and start times – such as ParkMyCloud. This method is far more reliable than trusting developers´ memories and usually less expensive than paying developers their hourly rate to write and maintain scheduling scripts. Our scheduling software effectively does the same job reliably and for less.

ParkMyCloud makes it easy for businesses to spend less on Azure. All administrators have to do is create a permission-limited role for our lightweight app and allow to conduct a discovery of the business´s cloud accounts (ParkMyCloud is equally as effective on AWS and GCE). Once the app has found all the business´s resources, it then makes recommendations about which ones are suitable for “parking”.

Administrators have the choice of accepting the apps recommendations and applying a preconfigured parking schedule, or selecting which resources they want to park and creating their own schedules with the click of a mouse. Different VMs or VM groups can be assigned different parking schedules, or administrators can delegate the task to individual development teams to match their working patterns.

How Much Will You Save by Parking VMs?

Most businesses who park their development, staging and testing VMs between the hours of 8.00 p.m. and 8.00 a.m. Monday to Friday and throughout the weekend will save nearly 65% on the cost of deploying non-production VMs on Microsoft Azure – irrespective of what type the VM is or what pricing plan it has. With ParkMyCloud, you will always know in advance how much you will save.

As soon as each parking schedule is applied, ParkMyCloud´s UI displays a figure indicating the projected savings over the next thirty days. Once the schedules are in operation, a second figure indicates the actual savings. Both these figures can be accessed by administrators via a series of reports, and used to increase the accountability of development teams and provide accurate forecasting for future projects.

The exception to this rule is when non-production VMs are permanently parked and the “snooze” feature is used by developers to interrupt parking schedules when access to them is required. This feature maximize savings, helps businesses spend less on Azure, and is particularly useful when teams switch between projects or work irregular hours and a fixed parking schedule is not appropriate.

Spend Less on Azure for Free

There is no more cost-effective way to spend less on Azure than spending less or free, and this is exactly what we are offering businesses with our free trial of ParkMyCloud. Our trial offer gives businesses the opportunity to evaluate the merits of ParkMyCloud in their own environment and gain total visibility of their cloud accounts free for fourteen days.

At the end of the trial the options exist to subscribe to one of our competitive pricing plans or continue using ParkMyCloud for free. The cost of our pricing plans varies according to the level of governance required and features such as multi-account management. The free version of our scheduling app is not as feature-rich as the paid-for plans, but will still help businesses spend less on Azure.

To find out more about ParkMyCloud and our free trial offer, do not hesitate to contact us. Alternatively you can start your free trial of ParkMyCloud today by clicking the “Try it Free” button above. Throughout your trial, our technical support team will be at hand to answer any question you have and to help you spend less on Azure by optimizing the schedules you apply to your non-production VMs.