Sponsor the AWS Washington DC Meetup

Sponsor a Meetup

The AWS Washington DC meetup is a group of ~1,000 AWS users, and serves as a forum for users to share experiences, best practices, and lessons learned from using AWS. We meet about once a month in Northern Virginia. Every month we need a venue to meet, and food and drinks for our members. This is where sponsors come in.

MeetupTypical agenda:

~5:30pm Set up venue.
~5:45pm Food arrives.
6:00pm Doors open. Food and drinks are served during networking.
6:30pm START. Announcements.
6:40pm Food and drink sponsor talk.
6:50pm Venue sponsor talk.
7:00pm Main presentations.
8:30pm Finish. More networking.
9:00pm Everyone out of the building.

Food and Drink Sponsors

Often, we are approached by vendors who want tell our group about their products and services. That is fine as long as you pay for food and drinks for that meetup. You are welcome to split the cost with another vendor if you choose.


We have no special arrangements with any company. You are free to use whatever caterer or delivery service you like. This gives you complete control over the budget.

Predicting the attendance is a black art. We generally have over 150 RSVPs (please monitor this on meetup.com the day before), but expect 40-50% to actually show up. About 70 attendees is a fair estimate.

Please plan to purchase and organize food/drink delivery yourself.

Types of Food and Drinks

Pizza and beer is standard, but if you really want to stand out, be creative. Vegetarian options should be available. (Bonus points for something gluten free).

The food should arrive at the venue between 5:45pm and 6:00pm.

Venue Sponsors

AOL is our current standing venue sponsor. However, if you are interested in hosting a meetup in your venue, please reach out. You should plan to have seating for at least 70 people, a projector, and a microphone.