How to Start/Stop AWS Auto Scaling Groups with ParkMyCloud

There are not that many scenarios in which you might want to start/stop AWS auto scaling groups; but, when you do, the best way to do it is with ParkMyCloud. ParkMyCloud enables you to start/stop AWS auto scaling groups with the click of a mouse, or schedule start/stop times in order to reduce costs when demand is low.

In addition to being able to start/stop AWS auto scaling groups, ParkMyCloud offers the facility to start/stop auto scaling processes. This can be a useful option if – for example – you want to investigate an issue with an app such as configuration problem, and make changes to the app without creating or terminating instances in the group.

Find Out Which Groups are Suitable for Starting and Stopping

The first step to reducing costs by starting and stopping AWS auto scaling groups is to find out which groups are suitable for starting and stopping. To do this, you log into your AWS account and[KS2] create a limited IAM role, which you use to provide access to the ParkMyCloud console. Our app then conducts a discovery of your AWS resources and displays them across a single-pane dashboard.

At first all your resources will be displayed across the dashboard. You filter the list to just display auto scaling groups, and those that are suitable for “parking” will be highlighted. At this point we should point out there will likely be many other resources suitable for parking, but for the moment we are going to focus solely on starting and stopping AWS auto scaling groups.

How to Start/Stop AWS Auto Scaling Groups with the Click of a Mouse

The auto scaling groups highlighted as being suitable for parking will likely be those used in non-production environments. Some businesses run non-production environments that mirror production environments, and these are the most obvious candidates to switch off when they are not required. In order to be able to start/stop AWS auto scaling groups with the click of a mouse, simply apply an “Always Parked” schedule to every highlighted auto scaling group.

What this feature does is stop the auto scaling group by setting the min, desired and max values to 0. Whenever developers want to activate the group, the Always Parked schedule can be interrupted with the click of a mouse. Once the auto scaling group has completed its required function, it can be returned to its dormant state just as easily; although, if developers forget, safeguards exist to deactivate the group and return it to its Permanently Parked schedule after a period of inactivity.

Alternate Ways to Start/Stop AWS Auto Scaling Groups with ParkMyCloud

Although the Permanently Parked schedule is great for development teams that work irregular shifts or in irregular patterns, the length of time it can take to launch a large auto scaling group is not ideal for every business. Therefore ParkMyCloud provides the opportunity for businesses to apply parking schedules to suit their working practices or to correspond with the times of day demand is high.

Consequently you could apply a parking schedule that starts AWS auto scaling groups at 8:00 a.m. each morning and stops them again at 8:00 p.m. each evening. Alternatively, you could take advantage of ParkMyCloud´s SmartParking feature which recommends the ideal times to start/stop AWS auto scaling groups based on CloudWatch data. The second option usually results in greater cost savings.

Achieving and Maintaining Cost Savings with ParkMyCloud

Using ParkMyCloud to start/stop AWS auto scaling groups is not the only way in which our app can help your business achieve – and maintain – cost savings. As mentioned above, there will likely be many more resources identified as being suitable for parking once ParkMyCloud has completed its discovery of your resources and the SmartParking feature not only recommends the ideal start/stop times, but also where savings can be made by rightsizing resources or allocating them to a more favorable pricing plan.

This process helps businesses optimize AWS costs and, once optimized, ParkMyCloud uses policy-driven automation to deliver continuous cost control. In addition, a comprehensive reporting suite and role-based access controls helps to enhance accountability and governance. It is not hard to see why thousands of businesses have taken advantage of a free trial of ParkMyCloud and now use our platform as a key cloud management solution after witnessing the full range of benefits.

Witness the Full Range of ParkMyCloud´s Benefits for Free

If you would like to know more about how to start/stop AWS auto scaling groups with ParkMyCloud, or have questions about how our scheduling app can reduce costs for your business, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and will invite you to try a fully-enabled version of ParkMyCloud for free (or, start a free trial directly on this page). Once you have witnessed the full range of benefits in your own environment, you too may wish to use our platform as a key cloud management solution.

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