Using ParkMyCloud to Suspend Auto Scaling Groups in AWS

Using ParkMyCloud to suspend auto scaling groups in AWS has a number of benefits. Not only is ParkMyCloud´s platform easier to use and more secure than AWS´ API, CLI or management console, business can also access more information about their cloud resources via ParkMyCloud´s single-pane dashboard and use the greater depth of information to enhance accountability and governance.

Furthermore, whether the purpose of using ParkMyCloud is to suspend auto scaling groups in AWS or any other AWS resources, businesses can take advantage of CloudWatch-based “SmartParking” recommendations to maximize cost savings. Typically businesses will save up to 65% of the cost of running non-production auto scaling groups in AWS, but it could be a lot more.

The First Step is the Discovery Process

In order to suspend auto scaling groups in AWS with ParkMyCloud, our platform first has to conduct a discovery of the business´s resources. In order to do this, an Administrator logs into the business´s AWS account via the ParkMyCloud interface and creates a permissions-limited IAM role for the app. The discovery process takes a few minutes depending on the number of resources deployed.

Once the discovery process is complete, the business´s resources are displayed across a single-pane dashboard, giving Administrators total visibility over the business´s AWS account. The list of resources can be filtered to only display auto scaling groups, and those suitable for suspending (“parking”) are highlighted by a lightbulb icon having been identified by the names and tags assigned to them.

Using ParkMyCloud to Suspend Auto Scaling Groups in AWS

The most frequent reason for wanting to suspend auto scaling groups in AWS is because the business runs a non-production infrastructure in parallel with a production infrastructure. The non-production infrastructure is costing money all the time it is not being used, so the simplest solution to suspend auto scaling groups in AWS is to select all the groups identified by ParkMyCloud as being suitable for parking, and apply an across-the-board suspension schedule to them based on normal working hours.

However, this is not necessarily the best way to use the platform to suspend auto scaling groups in AWS, as ParkMyCloud has a SmartParking feature that recommends “Conservative”, “Balanced” and “Aggressive” parking schedules based on the actual use of non-production auto scaling groups rather than the presumed use. Therefore, instead of applying an 8-till-8 suspension schedule that would save 65% of running non-production auto scaling groups, a bespoke schedule could save a lot more.

A suitable alternative for businesses that run non-production auto scaling groups at irregular times is the “Always Parked” schedule. This option switches the components of an auto scaling group off until access to the group is required. The schedule can be temporarily overridden with the click of a mouse whenever access is required, and safeguards exist to return the auto scaling group to its suspended state after a period of inactivity in order to avoid unnecessary costs.

Find Out More about the Benefits of Using ParkMyCloud

The benefits of using ParkMyCloud to reduce costs go beyond being able to suspend auto scaling groups in AWS. Businesses can use data collected by the SmartParking feature to optimize both the cost and performance of all their resources deployed in AWS and integrate ParkMyCloud with continuous integration and deployment processes in order to deliver continuous cost control.

Administrators can view, download and distribute cost reports by teams and credentials in order to enhance accountability, and manage role-based access controls via ParkMyCloud to support governance of the business´s account. However the most valuable benefit of ParkMyCloud for many businesses is that it not only saves money for businesses using AWS, but Azure and Google Cloud as well.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of using ParkMyCloud, do not hesitate to contact us today and request a free trial of our platform so you can evaluate ParkMyCloud in your own environment. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you have and guide you through the process of registering for your free trial of ParkMyCloud.